After a much needed reprieve with the introduction of King Ezekiel and The Kingdom last week, "The Walking Dead" returned to its regularly scheduled dose of pain and misery last night. This week Daryl was on the receiving end of that pain, being held prisoner at The Sanctuary-- The Saviors' compound. After endless torment at the hands of Dwight, was he able to survive?

'Easy Street' it ain't

The episode begins with Dwight drinking a beer while watching "Who's The Boss?,"playing pool, and making himself a sandwich, seemingly carefree. Although his demeanor briefly changes as he watches the walkers behind the compound's fence, his happy-go-lucky charade returns as he visits Daryl -- who's naked and curled up in the corner of his cell -- to give him a dog food sandwich.

After what seems like an eternity of sandwiches and the vexing song "Easy Street" on repeat, Dwight enters the cell and takes Daryl to see Carson, The Saviors' doctor. While there, he runs into his wife, Sherry, who's just finished taking a pregnancy test, much to Dwight's shock due to the fact that Sherry is now Negan's "wife." She manages to say a few words to Daryl before Dwight orders her not to talk to him and escorts him back to solitary confinement. Dwight is then approached by Negan, who tells one of his men -- Fat Joey -- to keep an eye on Daryl while he has a quick chat with him. Once back inside his cell, Daryl assures Dwight he will never kneel, prompting him to say, "I said that too."

Much to Negan's amusement, Daryl begins to unravel, and as a reward to Dwight, tells him he can have any woman he wants "as long as she says yes." He then mocks Dwight's manhood, referring to Eugene biting his penis, but Dwight still declines his offer.

Negan then receives a call on his walkie, informing him that one of his workers, Gordon, has escaped. Negan tells Dwight to take care of the matter, but Dwight assured him that he would enjoy doing so. He eventually finds Gordon, whose unwilling to return to the compound, telling Dwight that Negan was only one man and they could overpower him.

He finally agrees to return after Dwight threatens his loved ones, however, as Gordon begins to walk, Dwight shoots him dead.

Broken in every sense of the word

Meanwhile, back at the compound, Daryl seizes the opportunity to escape after Fat Joey forgets to lock the door only to discover that it was a trap set by Negan who told him he failed and was not ready for the next step.

After giving him the options of death, working for points, or working for him, Daryl did not respond even when Negan swung Lucille at his head. Things got even worse for Daryl when Dwight returned to the compound saying that he was responsible for Glenn's death and even showing him the polaroid of his smashed skull, leading Daryl to break down sobbing. In the morning, Dwight takes him to see Negan, where he explains his complex history with Dwight.

He, Sherry, and her sister, Tina used to "work for points" until Tina fell behind on points due to her costly medication, at which point Negan proposed that she marry him, which is why she, Sherry, and Dwight fled the compound. After Tina's death Dwight and Sherry returned and Dwight begged Negan not to kill her.

Sherry said she would marry Negan if he spared Dwight and he agreed -- but not before burning his face with a hot iron. Back in Daryl's cell, the two men came to an understanding when Daryl told Dwight, "I understand why you did it, why you took it," referring to Negan's punishment. Dwight then stepped outside, looking extremely conflicted as he stared at the fence once more, especially at one walker in particular: Gordon.

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