"The Walking Dead" airs a new episode on Sunday night. Season 7, episode 3 is titled "The Cell" and will focus on Daryl Dixon. A promo clip and a sneak peek were released, which tease what happens with Daryl, Dwight, and Negan.

Daryl Dixon kidnapped and kept prisoner

During the season 7 premiere of "TWD," Daryl was kidnapped by Negan and the Saviors. This Sunday, episode 3 will air on AMC. A promo clip and a sneak peek were released, which show what is going on with Norman Reedus' character. From what we can tell, Dwight is spending a lot of time trying to break down the character.

Dixon is also seen sitting in a corner of a dark cell and for the first time ever, he looks scared.

Negan wants to scare Norman Reedus' character?

The video clips also show Negan saying, "You don't scare easily." In his usual manner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character doesn't seem pleased about it. At the same time, he does show a hint of anticipation over what he can do to frighten Daryl Dixon to death.

Dwight having a change of heart in 'The Walking Dead'?

At first, it appears that Dwight is enjoying being able to punish Daryl.

However, there is a point in the video clip in which Austin Amelio's character seems to feel badly. It isn't clear if he looks sad because of the trapped walker impaled with a stick or if he is thinking about Daryl being the next prisoner to be out there.

Dwight helps Daryl escape?

In another scene, Daryl and Dwight are walking down a hallway. Negan starts to approach from the other way. Dwight crouches down and takes Daryl with him.

Seems like an odd reaction. Either they were about to bow down or Dwight might be trying to free Dixon. "The Walking Dead" spoilers did tease that Daryl would have at least one failed escape attempt.

What to expect in 'The Cell'

It looks like the entire episode will be about what Norman Reedus' character is going through. He is being made to wear a prisoner outfit and it looks like he isn't the only one.

What does Negan have planned for Daryl? Will he be able to escape or is he doomed?

"The Walking Dead" season 7, episode 3 airson November 6.

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