"The Walking Dead" released a clip of Sunday night's episode where Daryl is given a word of advice from Dwight, who just might be taking Daryl under his wing in a very bizarre manner. Of course, he can also be setting him up for an even bigger fall. When Sunday night's episode of "The Walking Dead" airs "The Cell" you are about to see the fate of Daryl thanks to Negan and his tribe of Saviors. 

Dwight in plot or ploy for Daryl?

According to ComingSoon.net, Dwight seems to be giving Daryl a choice, but being captive in Negan's world doesn't leave too much to choose from. Daryl is seen in the clip below being pushed into a fence by Dwight.


Inside that fenced enclosure there are walkers and what look like other prisoners belonging to Negan, who seem to be in the same situation as Daryl.

Glenn's death is haunting Daryl

Dwight's words of wisdom are more like a warning as he points to a walker chained up inside the fenced-in area while he tells Daryl he could be like that guy or he could be like Dwight. He tells him to do what he's told and not to be stupid. Daryl, who is blaming himself for Glenn's death isn't in a great state of mind in the first place.

So Dwight's words seem to land on deaf ears.

While Negan was taunting Rosita over Abraham's death during the premiere massacre, Daryl retaliated. He took a swing at him and as punishment Negan beat the life out of Glenn. Now Daryl is feeling like he has Glenn's blood on his hands, he doesn't care what happens to him.

It is for that reason that Cleveland.com asks if Daryl will die, and if he does, will it be Negan or Dwight who pulls his plug for good? "The Walking Dead" has already taken a big risk by killing off Glenn. There would be holy heck to pay across the social media sites if Daryl goes down next.

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He has become the breakout star of the show from about the second or third season on! 

The death of Daryl...too risky!

Killing off Daryl would be too risky for the show, especially after just getting rid of Glenn. The death of Glenn was a big chance they took and they are still hearing the backlash online about that choice. According to Cleveland.com, Daryl is a tricky character to predict because he doesn't exist in the comic book version of "The Walking Dead." Some of the other characters have their origins in the comic book version of this show.

While "The Walking Dead" doesn't stick to those plots firmly, some possibilities of the fate of other characters are at least found in those comic books to fall back on for predictions.