A new "The Walking Dead" theory is washing all over the web and it is a mindblowing one that makes a lot of sense. In the latest episode of the AMC's show, Negan brought Daryl with him during his visit to Alexandria. Daryl appeared in a few scenes without saying a word, but according to this theory, he actually communicated with Rick.

'TWD' season 7 theory: how Daryl communicated with Rick

Many fans on Reddit have been discussing this theory over the last few days. According to them, Daryl and Rick know Morse code and Daryl is secretly communicating with Rick.

If you watched the episode very carefully, you may have noticed that Daryl, during a scene in which he made eye-contact with Rick, blinked several times. Now, this theory may seem highly creative, but there is another element that strongly supports it.

The Morse code chart in episode 7x04

Look at the picture above: a Morse code chart was clearly shown in a scene featuring Michonne at the beginning of the episode. This picture proves that at least some members of the group know the code, including Rick and Daryl.

In the following video clip you can see the moment in which Daryl apparently communicated with Rick:

What Daryl said to Rick using the code

You're probably wondering if someone on the web tried to translate what Daryl told Rick by blinking his eyes. We have several hypotheses, including "I East", "I-30 East", "6 miles East". All things considered, Daryl is probably telling Rick where Negan's headquarters are located, where he can be found and where Negan can be found.

Every "TWD" fan remembers what Rick told Negan on the night he killed Glenn and Abraham: "Not today. Not tomorrow. But I'm gonna kill you". Although it looks almost impossible for Rick's group to defeat Negan's army, if this theory is true now Rick knows where to find Negan: it's a first but crucial step forward to get revenge on the most hated villain of the show.

Don't forget that "The Walking Dead" season 7 episode 5 will air on November 20 on AMC.

Here you can find the next episode's trailer and sneak peek.

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