When "The Walking Dead" aired last week we got to see Negan's romantic side, if you want to call it that. You almost felt sorry for Dwight as Negan told the story to Daryl about how Dwight lost his wife to Negan. It was going to be Dwight's wife's sister who was to marry Negan but she is now dead and it sounds like Dwight's wife took her place so both she and Dwight could stay alive.

Sick romantic

Dwight and his wife ran away, but with nowhere to go, they came back and begged for his forgiveness. Negan is not a man acquainted with forgiveness so Dwight paid the price -- including having his face scarred with burns, along with the loss of his wife.

There's something charming about "The Walking Dead's" Negan in a very sick way, and last week when Dwight and his wife accidentally meet in a dark hallway, and you hear that Negan treats Dwight's wife pretty well. Negan broke Dwight down pretty much in the same way he is attempting to break Daryl down.

Negan owns everyone

After Daryl heard the story of Dwight losing his wife to Negan he felt for the guy, even though Dwight is one of his tormentors. With Dwight acting like Negan's lap dog Daryl waited until they were alone to tell Dwight that he "gets it." Meaning he gets why Dwight takes what Negan dishes out. Daryl won't say the words that Negan is waiting to hear. When asked "what is your name," everyone in the camp answers "Negan." That's everyone except Daryl.

Breaking Daryl down

Daryl told Dwight that he gets why he's Negan's lapdog. He did it for someone else, his wife. In so many words Daryl lets Dwight know that he doesn't have anyone to protect there, so Daryl is his name no matter how many times Negan asks. Even with a promise of nice living quarters, good food and lots of company, Daryl refuses to give in and call himself Negan.

He goes back to his cell. You can see in Negan's face that Daryl has become a challenge to him and he is finding this very interesting. Because Daryl is a fighter and appears to fear very little, Negan wants him on as one of his own crew, but Daryl doesn't look anywhere near to doing that.

What's Negan got?

What is amazing to Daryl and probably the viewing audience is how this one man is able to rule so many people using fear. It is very apparent they could take him down in an instant if they got together, but they don't. Will Daryl give in as a ploy to make his way out of that community or will he continue to fight as a way of punishing himself for Glenn's death?

This week Negan makes a visit with Daryl in tow to Alexandra, according to the latest clip. The website Coming Soon also reminds "The Walking Dead" viewers that this Sunday's episode, "Service," runs for 90 minutes. You can see in the clip below how Rick tells the folks in Alexandra that he's not in charge anymore, Negan is.

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