"The Walking Dead" cast all has stories. Who they were and the life they led before the zombies and who they are post-apocalypse. While some are not surprising, there are some characters that have totally rewritten who they are in a world of zombies. Negan is one of the latter. His past is surprising. Maybe he hasn't always been a monster afterall.

Before the first zombie appeared, he was known as Coach Negan at the school where he worked. He wanted to be liked by students and known as the cool teacher.

Occasionally he would have a few students that lived in his neighborhood stop by to play Ping Pong.

He lived an average suburban life

Coach Negan's wife was Lucille. She was diagnosed with cancer and he was so overwhelmed that he couldn't deal with it. Instead of being a good husband to his sick wife, he began an affair. Finally realizing his place was by his wife, he put an end to the relationship with his mistress. He was at Lucille's side in the hospitaleven though she knew about his infidelity.

As the zombies were beginning to appear, his focus remained on Lucille. From the windows of the hospital, the increasing number of zombies could be seen. Negan remained by her side, as chaos ensued. Eventually he had barricaded himself in the room with Lucille and she passed away. As he stood looking out the window at the zombies, he heard a noise as Lucille fell from the bed after changing into a zombie.

He tried calling her name but she, of course, did not respond.

Negan uses past experience

Negan is an intelligent, sadistic, unpredictable, and the leader of the Saviors. At times he seems to just know things when speaking to someone -- things they don't say but he can see in them and read between the lines. His time as a teacher would have helped him hone that skill.

We know that Negan is against sexual assaultof any kind.

In the comic books, he is known to have killed one of his own for trying to rape a woman that was being held captive. This doesn't mean he treats women with respect, however, as his harem of "wives" can attest to.

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