"The Walking Dead" is bringing fans back to a very deep, dark place on Sunday November 6 with "The Cell." Besides getting your first look at where Negan and his Saviors live in "Sanctuary," you also see Daryl grotesquely degraded. It is nothing to take lightly as Daryl is treated so inhumane that you might find this episode extremely disturbing to watch.

Deep and maybe too dark

Negan has Daryl stark naked in a cell and he has nothing but dog food to eat. Even when Norman Reedus was asked about his role as Daryl Dixonwhen he is held captive by Negan's people, he said that he'd call it "gross,"but that would be an "understatement." It seems as if "The Walking Dead" brings viewers to a really dark place one week and then they get a bit of a reprieve the following week, like watching Carol's plight last Sunday.

Carol was a breath of fresh air

Last week's episode offered a lighter side of "TheWalking Dead"with Carol recuperating and getting ready to leave the kingdom to go out on her own. She seemed to feel better about possibly staying once learning the secret of the king! Ezekiel is all show and he is as sane as Carol. King Ezekiel isjust giving the people what they want to make them feel safe! The guy's name is really Ezekiel, but he confesses that he's no king! Before the zombies came, he was a zoo keeper. The tiger was stuck at the zoo and once he saved him, the tiger has been his buddy. This explains the strange infatuation with the tiger!

Treating him like a dog

This week's "The Walking Dead" episode has Negan breaking Daryl down like a rabid dog and the sad part about this is that Daryl thinks he deserves this treatment.

He blames himself for Glenn's death and you don't see him fight the inhumane treatment bestowed upon him in this week's episodeat the hands of Negan and his followers.

Daryl feels he deserves this

At one point in the episode you will see clips of Daryl being pushed by the head down a dark hallway and you can see that he's resigned himself to this treatment.

Glenn is dead and Daryl feels anything that happens to him he will just take as punishment. Does Daryl go to a place that he'll never come back from within the confines of his own mind?

Dog food has symbolism for 'TWD'

Moviefone reminds their readers that dog food has some symbolic meaning for the survivors of "The Walking Dead." It was in the premiere of season 3 when a starving group was searching for food and Carl found a can of dog food.

Just as it looked as if Carl's find was going to turn into a meal, Rick got peeved and indignant and said that he would not let his son degrade himself by eating dog food.

Now a few seasons later this is all Daryl is offered up to eat. If you remember Dwight, there's a rumor that he will somehow slightly redeem himself with Daryl in Sunday night's episode of "The Walking Dead."

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