Recently, AMC served up these 3, new, sneak peek spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming episode 3 of the "Walking Dead's" 7th season, and they certainly deliver up more intense and action-filled details about the episode as Daryl is spotted back in action back at crazy Negan's camp. He's seen in action with Dwight. Negan likes that Daryl isn't easily frightened. Some guns get pulled, along with some fight scenes, and more. It looks like it'll be a really good episode.

One promo clip and 2 sneak peeks

The episode is entitled, " The Cell." The first clip is a regular promo clip that features a couple of different scenes that will take place in the episode, while the other 2 are clips of individual scenes that we can expect to see.

Daryl is back in action

In the first clip, they give us new looks at Daryl after he was taken prisoner by crazy Negan and his crew. He's seen in a lot of scenes with Dwight. At one point, Dwight is spotted sort of picking on Daryl, pushing his head up against a fence and what not.

Then we see footage of Negan, telling, I assume Daryl, that he likes that fact that Daryl doesn't scare easily. After that, Daryl is seen, appearing to try to escape. Then we see a scene with Dwight pointing a gun at someone. The clip caps off with a flurry of other scenes that include a new girl I've never seen before, serving up warnings.

Dwight delivers some long, weird staring action

In the 2nd clip, Dwight is seen, grubbing down for a few seconds before he notices a couple of humans, trying to make it through a pack of walkers, disguised with buckets over their heads.

From there, Dwight is just seen, staring at one of the walkers for a really long time. It's really weird.

Dwight kills walkers in the street

Lastly, in the 3rd clip, we're shown more footage of Dwight on the road with a motorcycle, and it caps off with him, killing one of the many walkers that are in the street. This one is actually a clip that was released a couple months ago as part of AMC's preseason promotion of the show.

Well, you'll have to see it again as it turns out that it was a scene from episode 3. Check em out, below.

Another new impressive community is revealed

The official, brief synopsis for episode 3, reveals that we're going to see yet another new community, arrive on the scene at some point, and they will be living an impressive life that is definitely given to them at a hefty price. Episode 3 is set to air this Sunday night, November 4th, 2016 at 8pm central time on AMC. Stay tuned.

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