"The Walking Dead" season 7, episode 4 is titled "Service." The synopsis, an advance preview, and a few sneak peek clips have been released. They suggest that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) may kill another Alexandrian in the next episode of "TWD."

Synopsis for 'Service'

The synopsis for tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead" reveals that Alexandria will receive a visit. The sneak peek clips reveal that that individual is Negan. The villain has arrived earlier than anticipated and has brought several trucks and a large group of the Saviors. Negan is still not happy that Rick doesn't greet him with a smile.

Negan arrives earlier than expected

Even though Negan said he would visit Alexandria in one week, he comes earlier. This surprises Rick Grimes, but he has no choice but to open the gates. The Saviors all pour into the gated community, prepared to take their "share" from Alexandria.

Rick Grimes is no longer in charge

In one scene, Rick explains to his group that he is no longer in charge. He says that their leader is Negan. However, it appears that at least one person is determined to fight, even knowing what happened in the season 7 premiere.

Someone disobeys Rick in 'The Walking Dead'

In an advanced preview, it is revealed that one "TWD" character will disobey Rick. With him having to obey Negan, this could have devastating results.

Is this person Michonne (Danai Gurira), who is seen sneaking out of the house with a hidden weapon? Or is it Spencer (Austin Nichols), whose character betrays Rick in the comic books?

Someone may die in season 7, episode 4

In one of the sneak peek clips, a scene shows Michonne with a shocked and grief-stricken look on her face.

Does she come across the body of someone she knows? Also, Rick is seen with a look on his face that leads fans to speculate that someone else dies in "The Walking Dead" this week.

Other 'TWD' spoilers

Some Alexandrians will blame Rick for their situation. The character blames himself. Also, Michonne has a secret she is keeping from Rick.

However, he suspects something and this is indicated in the promo clip. Expect Negan and the Saviors to bring Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) to Alexandria. However, he will only be seen and will not be heard.

"The Walking Dead" season 7, episode 4 airs November 13 on AMC.

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