After spending a week with Daryl at the Sanctuary, one with Carol and Morgan in the Kingdom, and a week with the survivors of Negan’s attack at Alexandria, this week takes "The Walking Dead" audience (primarily) to spend time with Maggie and Sasha at the Hilltop while Enid and Carl begin a trek to the other community as well.

Maggie and Glenn’s baby is okay

It would have been a huge blow to the audience to lose Glenn and his future child in one go, so this might not have been a huge shock for most of the audience, but it’s still a good call on the part of the show writers.

Knowing that Maggie is pregnant and there’s no one to take care of her back at Alexandria now, there’s an added pressure on her to remain at HIlltop, and an added pressure on the people of Hilltop to accept Maggie and Sasha, at least on the part of the audience.

Glenn and Maggie have been fan favorites since their introductions on the show, so there’s no way the audience is going to be okay with anything happening to Maggie at this point.

Carl isn’t quite done with Enid

After having a bit of a spat when Enid reveals she’s going to make her to the Hilltop to check on Maggie, Carl tells her he’s done saving her. Locking Enid in a closet so she couldn’t go with everyone the first time isn’t exactly Enid’s idea of being saved, but still, climbs the walls at Alexandria and strikes out on her own.

Just when Enid meets a walker on the road, though, it’s Carl to the rescue with a car he picked up as he runs into the walker repeatedly, saying he “felt like a drive.” The two teenagers might not have the most interesting relationship on the show right now, but when so many of the characters are adults in established relationships, or who have just lost their significant others, it’s important to see two people who are experiencing their first relationship.

As is the case with Judith and Maggie’s baby, it reminds the audience that life goes on.

Hilltop gets a message from the Saviors

Negan and his people don’t outright kill anyone this time around, but they do open the gates, lock everyone inside, and leave a car blaring music in the middle of the community to attract walkers.

It’s ingenious, but it’s also incredibly frightening considering how the Saviors must have been able to sneak around to get their message in place.

Maggie and Sasha, of course, take the lead in bringing a stop to the music and getting the gates closed, even though Gregory has told them in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want them to stay.

As Maggie stands on a roof and barks orders at the people standing on balconies, and then climbs down to use a tractor to run down walkers and the music-playing-car, you can’t help but watch and think that the Hilltop won’t be without a capable leader for much longer.

That’s very much the case too as Negan’s right-hand man begins his meeting with Gregory. Simon gets offered up some scotch, though Gregory clearly intended to turn the two women over to him instead. Jesus has finally had enough of Gregory acting like a coward and steps up, threatening to expose Gregory’s deal with Alexandria to everyone and making him lose all of his power.

I certainly look forward to Maggie, Sasha, and Jesus being the ones running the Hilltop.

The plan

Sasha tasks Jesus with finding out where Negan lives, though she doesn’t want Maggie to know yet. When he hops into the back of the truck, he’s not the only one there.

Carl and Enid went their separate ways after he got her to the Hilltop, and it looks like he and Sasha had the same idea about tracking down Negan because he was already hiding amongst the boxes in Negan’s truck.

The verdict

It’s a shame that the episode doesn’t center solely on Maggie and Sasha at the Hilltop since the show has allowed the audience to spend an entire episode at the Sanctuary with Daryl, but watching the two of them handle business there was more than worth splitting the episode’s time between them and a pair of traveling teenagers.

4 out of 5 stars.

What’s next

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