Though Negan promised to give Rick and his people a week, he came calling a little early as he appeared in Alexandria with a group of supporters -- and Daryl -- ready to take what he wanted in the 90 minute episode.

There’s a significant change at Alexandria

In last week’s episode, there was such a focus on Daryl and his time at the Sanctuary that we didn’t get to see how Rick and company were dealing with their loss. With this episode, as we get back to Alexandria, we see how somber everyone is and just how the dynamic has changed.

One of the most notable changes is the anger Rosita is holding.

Unlike Eugene or Rick, she’s not mourning, she’s not looking downcast. Instead, she looks like she’s just moments away from killing someone every single time someone speaks to her. As Alexandria tries to find a way to subvert Negan, something tells me she’s going to be completely on board.

I loved her leaving Spencer behind on the road as the two searched for Daryl’s motorcycle, only to take some of her anger out on a few walkers, with a purpose. She knew the walkers in the area would be the guys who killed Denise last season, which would mean there was at least one gun. She’s thinking ahead while not many others are.

The Maggie lie

As Negan rolls up to Alexandria, he expects to see all of the faces from the night Abraham and Glenn died.

Maggie, of course, is missing. Sasha and Maggie were making their way to the Hilltop to get Maggie the medical treatment she needs for her baby. The lie here comes from an unexpected source -- Father Gabriel.

Father Gabriel offers the chance for Negan to “pay his respects” and shows him Alexandria’s graveyard, allowing him to think that Maggie didn’t make it back to the community.

This is genius because it gives them a way to protect Maggie from him, as long as they don’t get found out, of course. It’s a small act of rebellion that could go a long way.

Spencer almost costs Olivia her life

Quite a bit of the audience might not have even known Olivia’s name until this week, but they’re sure going to remember it now since her life hung in the balance over two missing guns for most of the episode.

As it turns out, those two missing guns were hidden in Spencer’s house.

Spencer has never trusted Rick, and he’s been hiding those guns for a very long time, but at this point, going against Rick means putting everyone at risk. We know that Rosita has a gun, and in the final moments of the episode she goes to Eugene for a bullet. We also know that Maggie and Sasha are out there and angry. But unless they can keep these small acts of rebellion under wraps, someone else is going to meet Lucille very soon.

The verdict

Despite being an incredibly tense episode of "The Walking Dead," there really wasn’t a need to make this one 90 minutes long. It was incredibly slow moving and stretched out a story that could have been accomplished much sooner.

2 out of 5 stars.

What’s next

Next week, we’ll finally get to see how Maggie and Sasha are faring as we head to the Hilltop in "Go Getters."

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