Recent “The Voice” spoilers and reviews show Billy Gilman of #TeamAdam with an edge over many competitors. Who can argue with the power of that big voice coming from the boyishly handsome Gilman? But do competitors like Gilman who have a past recording contract have an unfair advantage?

Is Billy Gilman the new Alisan Porter?

For regular watchers of “The Voice” you know that The Voice Season 10 winner Alisan Porter also had a child star background although along a different career path than Billy Gilman. Alisan was the locked-in winner seemingly from the start of season 10. There was no doubt that Alisan had the singing chops to triumph in the reality singing competition but she also had a history as a child actress which might have given her greater visibility with show voters since she got the lion’s share of press coverage.

Similarities between Alisan and Billy

Alisan was 10 when she scored her leading role in the movie “Curly Sue” opposite Jim Belushi. Billy Gilman was 11 when his country song “One Voice” was nominated for two Grammys. Billy says he lost his recording contract when he hit puberty and his voice changed.

Alisan Porter says her career went off track in her 20s when she struggled with addiction issues. In addition to his former fame, Billy has an estimated net worth of $4 million according to Alisan similarly seemed in good financial shape coming into “The Voice.”

An unfair advantage or all’s fair?

No doubt Billy Gilman has talent, but many might ask about him, as they asked about Alisan Porter, did he already have his chance?

With other artists competing this season that are cash-strapped single parents or blue collar workers who have never gotten their big break, is it fair for a millionaire with a press-friendly advantage to compete with them?

It’s true that Billy meets the requirements to compete. So long as an artist doesn’t have a current recording contract, they’re eligible.

In terms of the technicalities of the competition, both Billy Gilman and Alisan Porter met the rules. But if you look at it from the perspective of the other artists on stage with them, it might feel like they have an unfair edge. Adam Levine may have the winner on his team!

“The Voice” airs tonight on NBC.

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