Tonight's live elimination show for NBC's "The Voice" season 11, kicked off with the usual introductions of the judges, and so on, and so forth. Then ,host Carson Daly, didn't waste anytime, getting straight down to business by immediately revealing the first 3 artists that were going to be able to advance to next week.

Safety results quickly started off the night

First, he revealed that Ali Caldwell of Team Miley was safe tonight, followed by We McDonald of Team Alicia, and Brendan Fletcher of Team Adam.

So, those three got to float on Cloud 9 for most of the night.

Adam Levine and company hit the stage

After the first round of safety reveals, judge, Adam Levine, hit up the stage with Billy Gilman, Josh Gallagher and Brendan Fletcher to sing the song: "For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield. Immediately after that, Carson, got right back to business, announcing some more artists that were safe this week.

Alicia Keys sang a special song

In this round of reveals, we found out that Courtney Harrell from Team Blake was safe, along with Billy Gilman of Team Adam.

After that, we saw a performance from the great Alicia Keys. She hopped on stage to sing "Blended Family." However, she immediately stopped, and decided to switch things up by singing the song: “Holy War” instead.

Team Miley performed

Shortly after that, Carson took to the stage, yet again, to reveal 2 more artists that were safe, tonight. And those 2 lucky artists, turned out to be none other than Darby Walker of Team Miley and Austin Allsup of Team Blake.

After those results, Miley Cyrus and her team, consisting of: Darby Walker, Ali Caldwell and Aaron Gibson, hit up the stage to perform the song: "There’ll Always Be Music.”

Last 3 safety reveals were served up

Then, Carson, swiftly hit up the stage, again, to read off the last round of safety results from last night's voting. And those lucky artists were revealed to be: Christian Cuevas of Team Alicia, Josh Gallagher of Team Adam and Sundance Head of Team Blake.

That left poor Sa’Rayah and Aaron Gibson with the realization that they would have to do a "sing off" to fight for a "save" from America live Twitter voting.

The sing off started with Sa'Rayah

Sa'Rayah, hit up the stage, first, to sing the song: "Rock Steady.” Then Aaron, of course, followed her up by singing the song: "Lego House." After the final break of the night, Aaron and Sa'Rayah, got to say a few final words, followed by their coaches before Carson delivered the good and bad news that Aaron won the Twitter vote "save," meaning Sa'Rayah would have to hit the road. And then there were just 11.

Stay tuned.

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