There are only two judges "The Voice" fans can count on to be in the lineup every year: Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Now it seems like fans will not even be able to rely on these two. If the producers of "The Voice" decide to keep Miley Cyrus on, then Levine says that he is out. All of these are rumors right now, but it also looks like Shelton and Gwen Stefani are out of the show if Cyrus is allowed to stay. "The Voice" 2016 has been plagued with rumors that the judges are all arguing behind the scenes, especially Levine and Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus leaving 'The Voice' 2017?

Rumors currently are that Levine isn't going to have to leave.

Cyrus has already confirmed that she isn't coming back for season 12 of the show, and it looks like Stefani is coming back instead. Levine and Shelton are both happy with that, and fans are even happier. Many have said that Shelton has only ever had a spark on the show when Stefani has been one of the judges at the same time. This year he lost his spark.

However, while Cyrus will leave for a year, there are rumors that she will come back for season 13. If that happens, it's unknown what will happen with the other judges. Will the producers decide to keep two long-standing and favorite judges on the show or choose the newer blood?

Adam Levine is fed up with Miley Cyrus' antics

Things haven't been easy for Levine behind the scenes, especially since he's got a newborn at home.

He and Cyrus have come to a head on numerous occasions behind the scenes. She has been blasted for being immature and argumentative. Sure, the judges are all fiery when they are in their chairs, but the fierceness has continued behind the scenes, so it is not Cyrus playing up for the cameras. Levine is fed up with Cyrus' antics, which have often left Cyrus alone and crying over some of the harsh things Levine has allegedly said.

Only time will tell, but fans are backing up Levine. They want to see him, Shelton, and Stefani back for "The Voice." It's unclear whether Alicia Keys will come back for another year or decide to leave it up to another judge on the show.

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