"The Voice" 2016 resumed Nov. 14 on NBC as the top 12 contestants representing celebrity mentors Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, and Miley Cyrus hit the stage to sing live for their competition survival. Although the identities of the hopefuls who will advance will remain under wraps until tonight's live results show, the iTunes results are in. So did any of the aspiring singers manage to break into the top 10 to earn an iTunes vote multiplier?

No iTunes bonuses for 'The Voice' top 12

Although several contestants cracked the top 50 as of the 9 AM Pacific close of the public voting window, none managed to land in the top 10, so none will walk away with iTunes vote multipliers this week.

(The last time that the top 12 failed to yield an iTunes bonus was back in season four.) Closest to hitting the mark was Team Alicia's We McDonald, whose cover of the Hozier hit "Take Me to Church" topped out at number 16. (Interestingly, former "The Voice" contestant Matt McAndrew hit number five with the same song following the season seven top 12 show. He went on to finish in second place.)

Four other members of "The Voice" 2016 top 12 landed in the top 50, according to iTunes results. Included are:

  • 24. "The Show Must Go On" (Billy Gilman, Team Adam)
  • 25. "Did I Ever Love You" (Ali Caldwell, Team Miley)
  • 36. "Why" (Josh Gallagher, Team Adam)
  • 37. "My Church" (Sundance Head, Team Blake)

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to voting, McDonald, Gilman, Caldwell, Gallagher, and Head should likely find themselves safe when it comes "The Voice" 2016 results time tonight.

Middle of 'The Voice' 2016 iTunes vote results pack

Another four contestants placed between 50th and 100th on iTunes, and will likely be safe. They are:

  • 57. "Whipping Post" (Brendan Fletcher, Team Adam)
  • 68. "The Scientist" (Christian Cuevas, Team Alicia)
  • 79. "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man" (Austin Allsup, Team Blake)
  • 93. "Ruby Tuesday" (Darby Walker, Team Miley)

An uncertain future on 'The Voice' season 11?

The last three hopefuls in the mix saw their top 12 show covers rank below number 100 on the iTunes chart this morning and are most vulnerable to elimination during tonight's results show.

They include:

  • 107. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (Courtney Harrell, Team Blake)
  • 157. "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" (Aaron Gibson, Team Miley)
  • 255. "Livin' on a Prayer" (Sa'Rayah, Team Alicia)

Who will sing for season 11's first Twitter Instant Save? Watch "The Voice" 2016 top 12 results show tonight on NBC and tweet to save your favorite.

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