"The Voice" 2016 continued Oct. 31 on NBC with the third and final Knockout round episode, featuring face-to-face battles by contestants mentored by super star mentors Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. By the time the dust settled, eight more hopefuls had advanced safely to the live shows, and the "The Voice" season 11 top 20 was formally set. So who earned berths in the live playoffs?

'The Voice' Halloween night Knockout results

The two Knockoutbattles contested for Team Blake saw Austin Allsup claim victory over Gabe Broussard, and Dana Harper better Karlee Metzger.

Team Adam's Brendan Fletcher claimed the final available berth over Nolan Neal, while Team Alicia's Sa'Rayah earned a spot in "The Voice" 2016 live playoffs over Michael Sanchez. Team Miley, finally, saw Darby Walker advance over Maye Thomas, Sophia Urista take the win over Josette Diaz, and Aaron Gibson earnthe nod over Josh Halverson. But all wasn't lost for Halverson, as Keys used her sole save of the Knockouts to add him to her live show-bound squad.

The Oct. 31 performances ranked as follows on iTunes as of 10 PM Pacific after the show:

  • 34. Josh Halvorsen, "Whiskey and You"
  • 105. Brendan Fletcher, "Soulshine"
  • 182. Aaron Gibson, "Die a Happy Man"
  • 341. Austin Allsup, "Breakdown"
  • 358. Dana Harper, "You Give Me Something"
  • 590. Darby Walker, "Shake it Out"
  • 1111. Sa'Rayah, "Ain't Nobody"

'The Voice' 2016 top 20

The teams bound for next week's live playoffs --not including any as-yet to be added coaches' comeback contestants-- are as follows:

Team Adam

  • Simone Gundy
  • Billy Gilman
  • Riley Elmore
  • Josh Gallagher
  • Brendan Fletcher

Team Miley

  • Darby Walker
  • Sophia Urista
  • Aaron Gibson
  • Ali Caldwell
  • Belle Jewel

Team Alicia

  • Christian Cuevas
  • Kylie Rothfield
  • We McDonald
  • Sa'Rayah
  • Josh Halverson

Team Blake

  • Sundance Head
  • Austin Allsup
  • Jason Warrior
  • Dana Harper
  • Courtney Harrell

"The Voice" 2016 continues Nov.

1 with a one-hour recap of the season's action to date. The live playoffs are set to begin next week on NBC. Tune in and remember to vote for your favorites.

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