Fans of "The Voice" who wait for the live rounds don't have to wait any longer. Monday night will be the first round of the live performances, featuring the 12 contestants who have been lucky enough to make it through the battle rounds. It's never an easy feat getting to this part of the competition, so everyone deserves a round of applause. However, it's time to get the competition into full swing and for the audience to vote on their favorite in "The Voice" 2016. Who will be your favorite out of the 12?

The 12 contestants on 'The Voice' 2016

Before working out how "The Voice" 2016 live rounds is going to work, you need to know who you are voting for.

Did your favorites make it through to this stage? Here's a look at the 12 contestants starting tonight on the NBC program. They are still on their teams with their own coaches.

Team Alicia is made up of Christian Cuevas, Sa'Rayah, and We McDonald. Team Miley is made up of Aaron Gibson, Ali Caldwell, and Darby Walker. Team Blake has Austin Allsup, Courtney Harrell, and Sundance Head. Finally, Team Adam is made up of Billy Gilman, Brendan Fletcher, and Josh Gallagher.

Two will go on Tuesday night

There will be two very unlucky members of the top 12 this week. Monday night is the first live round, but two will be sent home the next night. Tuesday will now be the results show, rather than another night of singing and competition.

The two contestants with the lowest votes, regardless of the team, will be sent packing. Their fate is now in the hands of America, so it will be up to the contestants to show off their skills. The coaches are now there just to help sell their artists and encourage the nation to vote.

Who is your favorite on "The Voice" 2016?

Will it be Sundance Head, who said that he originally wanted to go with Adam but chose Blake at the last moment? Could it be Aaron Gibson, who impressed everyone with his version of "Losing My Religion" during the blind auditions? There are just so many impressive acts to chose with the upcoming first night of the live rounds on "The Voice" 2016, which starts tonight on NBC.

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