"The Vampire Diaries" season 8 has fans saying goodbye to many characters. Although no major ones have died yet, returning ones have bit the dust. These include Sarah Salvatore and it seems Damon may have killed Tyler Lockwood last Friday. With everything that has happened, is Damon Salvatore still worth saving? Or should "TVD" fans start saying goodbye?

Damon Salvatore is still under Sybil's control

A sneak peek for next week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" reveals that Damon is still being controlled by Sybil. She was captured because of Alaric's tuning fork and placed in the Armory's observation room.

However, a clip shows her still commanding Damon to do things with her mind. As Salvatore told his brother, there is still work for him to do. The question is, what kind of work? When will it end? What is it exactly that Sybil wants besides servants bringing her humans to eat?

Nina Dobrev hasn't returned yet

A lot of "TVD" fans believed that Elena Gilbert would be the one to save Damon. However, there is still no word on her return. If she doesn't come back, then who will be able to save Salvatore? It seems that Bonnie Bennett has already given up on her best friend. Her concern is for Enzo. She has taken all she can take right now.

Ian Somerhalder's character has done too many evil deeds

Even if Damon Salvatore can be saved on "The Vampire Diaries," will he ever be able to forgive himself?

Will anyone else be able to forgive him? He has done so many evil things because of Sybil, it just might be too much.

Not everyone will get a happy ending in 'The Vampire Diaries'

It was previously teased that not everyone will get to have a happy ending. "TVD" is not that type of show. Since it is the final season, everyone is wondering who will live, who will die, and which couples will end up together.

It seems that not all of the characters will end up where fans think they should be.

What do you think will happen in "The Vampire Diaries" in season 8? Is it possible for Damon Salvatore to be saved?

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