In a world where music, at least what passes for music on the radio, all sounds like either four chord copy-rock that still mimics Nickelback or talentless copies of over used vocal running techniques atop per-fabricated Logic loops, it is good to know that there are still stunning examples of talent to be found today. Sadly, this music is relegated to the “underground” scenes, a situation that makes flourishing all but impossible for many of those loyal to real art and structure. With that in mind, perhaps it is time to shed some much-needed light on those acts which are adding something of value and substance to modern music.

At the top of this list would be the band, Havoc. Havoc have created a sound that both hearkens back to the classic thrash metal sound of such bands as Exodus and Anthrax, but with modern production and standards. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, and birthed in 2004, these thrash music maestros are creating some of the must aggressive, stylistic, and profound heavy music extant today. The band has recently parted ways with bassist Mark Leon who has been replaced by Nick Schendzielos from Cephalic Carnage and Job for a Cowboy, according to the bands label, Century Media. Their 2017 coming release is set to be one of the most important metal CD's released in the coming months. It is also worthy to note that fans of Havoc would be wise to all give Chronosphere a good long listen, too.

These two bands are redefining what thrash metal music should be

Music of the Chainsaw

In the world of electronic music, other than the welcomed success of both dubstep and trapstep, it has been mostly the older bands that have risen to the top in terms of quality releases. This was seen in My Life With the Thrill Kill Kults “Spooky Tricks”, Front Line Assembly's “Exo”, and the stunningly good “Weapon” CD released by Skinny Puppy.

In terms of Dj/Producers, it has been the likes of Skrillex of Deadmou5 which have the most attention given. While both of these producers do unleash a wave of sound and finesse upon the masses in a way that does take a creative mind, much of what passes for “live” is anything but. Due to the complex nature of the drops, much of it is pre-recorded.

This is not the case with Dj D.Chainsaw. Chainsaw is a master of gabber and hardcore mixology, and best of all, he puts his music together in a way that is as “live” as possible. Songs are built on camera, loops are created on the spot, drops are made by hand, and all of the music is really being structured by him. Much like Dj Irene, Dj D. Chainsaw is a greatly under rated talent.

'The Hot Sardines' are destined for jazz greatness

If brutal but subtle is not on the palette for the day, then there is no better way to change gears than to take notice of “The Hot Sardines” because they may be the most talented jazz band to come from America since The Squirrel Nut Zippers. Pianist Evan Palazzo has a playing approach that easily puts him on par with the greats of jazz from any genre (including the old masters) while singer and band co-founder Elizabeth Bougerol has a voice that could melt glass block.

The clarinet screams are reminiscent of the great Henry Cuesta, as heard on "Bei Mir Bist du Schoen" and the just released, "Be Like You". The music of the Hot Sardines is infectious in every way, with melodies that will not leave the mind, and solo work that will lead to repeated rewinds and re-listens. The musicality and flare shown by this act is beyond the ability to describe....a must hear.

As the only generation in America to not have it's own sound trudges clumsily onward (having either settled for repackaged hip hop and RnB or lifeless radio rock – dubstep doesn't count, it is from England), it is good to know that at the very least the underground music world is keeping American music alive.

This matters, because as Plato said wisely over 2000 years ago, as art and music go, so goes the culture. Now, if only someone in radio-headquarter land would take notice.

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