In the chapters where the creative tournament was created by Bills-sama and his brother Champa, a Saiyan of the 6th Universe appeared. This Saiyan was chosen by the destroying God Champa-sama to participate in the tournament and rival the opposing team which would be that of Goku and his friends.

That Saiyajin is named Kyabe, who was the number 3 participant in the tournament, who fought Vegeta and was defeated by him with only a blow to the stomach. When Kyabe became a Super Saiyan, the Z Warriors began to realize that they were not the only Saiyans that existed, which created the doubt that there are more Saiyans apart from them. They remained with the doubt of who they will be since the battle distracted them.

Kyabe is an ordinary saiyajin belonging to the Universe 6.


He is not the only Saiyan in that Universe.

The Supreme Saiyan

The Supreme Saiyajin is a deserter of the Army of the Father of Kyabe, who with the passage of time becomes a pirate as it was betrayed by his equipment. It is a sinister character with the physical features of Goku. With the help of other Ordinary Saiyan, he planted devilish seeds on other planets which gave out a fruit capable of blowing up a planet entirely but first of all absorbing all the energy of every living being in it.

The Saiyan King is very physically similar to Goku, with the difference being that the Saiyan King has a lighter skin tone and very different hair; his hair has more tips than Son Goku and is longer.

Also, he has a chest and face with yellow hair, and seems to be a monkey. He wears armor similar to Gohan's - a, green t-shirt and green pants alike.

Being a Supreme Super Saiyan, the level of fighting is greater than that of many Saiyans of the same class. He is able to overcome to Broly without effort even without becoming Super Saiyajin. According to calculations, King Saiyajin has a level of fight of 10,000,000, yet without transforming.

Note: This information is not 100% confirmed, is just a hypothesis based on ComicBooks.