The Simpsons” appeared to have predicted Donald Trump’s rise to the Presidency at the turn of the century, and the writers are responding to this allegation.

A glimpse into the future mentioned a “President Trump”

An episode that had premiered in 2000, titled “Bart to the Future,” featured the titular family going to an Indian casino, where a Native American fortune teller shows Bart his future. In the vision, his sister Lisa has grown up to be the first woman President of the United States, and mentions that she had been voted into the position after “President Trump” in a throw-away line.

While the episode was probably not intended to be canon, as an earlier episode showed that Bart would grow up to be a Supreme Court Justice, while the episode in question portrayed him as a burnout musician, it did end up becoming closer to reality that it had intended when Donald Trump won the Electoral College to become President of the United States.

On a related note, it also notably implied that a woman would not inherit the position until after Trump had finished his term, with Lisa once saying she was the country's first "straight, female President," making it ironic that Trump had won the election over a female candidate, Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton. That said, the joke, by highlight Lisa as "straight," was probably intended to imply that some of the country's previous would have been revealed to have been women posing as men at some point in the future.

The series would later make more current puns on the election when it became more timely, such as the 2015 YouTube clip, “Trumptastic Voyage,” which featured Homer getting mixed up in the Trump campaign and later becoming transfixed by Trump’s hair.

Many fans who had heard the show reportedly predicted Trump’s candidacy mistakenly confused this clip with the aforementioned episode, despite it using sound-clips from the campaigns.

What the show-runners and writers have to say about all this

At the time, it appeared that choosing Trump as a potential President was simply a joke on the fact that he was not currently a politician, and was also likely chosen to avoid offending any current political parties.

Series creator Matt Groening even referred to the use of Trump’s name as a “placeholder joke.”

James L. Brooks, who serves as a series executive producer, took to social media to respond to the meme, saying it was all “F**k disillusionment!”

The episode had already become a meme on social media since the start of Trump’s bid for the White House since it had at the very least predicted the chance of him becoming President, and this is not the first time the show’s writers have made a statement on the subject matter.

Earlier this year, before the election results were announced, writer Dan Greaney released a statement saying that it was a “warning to America” and reflected the country “going insane,” so as to give President Lisa a challenge in her new role. That said, Greaney also explained that it was important to note that their vision was that of an apolitical “lovable, over-the-top character” and was not reflecting Trump’s current political standings.

To put this into context, it is mentioned that Trump destroyed the country’s finances by investing too much in the country’s children, which was explained to be a big mistake.

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