“The Royals” season 3 is back on E! on December 4 and rabid fans The Loyals can’t wait. Prince Robert is revealed as alive and we’ll see Max Brown in the role and he starts out bearded and junky looking but winds up hunky like most of the dudes on the hit E! show.

Eleanor toys with Jasper for revenge

Head of security James Hill mocks Jasper for watching desperately as Princess Eleanor parades for him on the security cameras and quips is this “what passes for romance” these days? Other glimpses at “The Royals” season 3 show Eleanor stripping off and straddling Jasper to tease him.

It doesn’t stop there. She flirts shamelessly with other men at every possible moment and Prince Liam tells Jasper she’s just trying to make him jealous. Jasper admits feverishly “it’s working.” The tables are turned and Eleanor is conning the con man but he loves her and won’t give up. Can Jaspenor come back from this?

King Cyrus is a bubble boy

Cyrus is still waging his war with cancer in season 3 and we see him strolling the palace in a literal bubble, dabbling in acupuncture, knighting a hot babe and with much less hair.

Rather than going totally bald from the chemo, Cyrus is rocking a mohawk that’s more Mad Max than King Lear.

No word yet on whether he’ll be able to get his hands on his son or if Queen Helena has tucked Prudence and the child away too far for him to find. Helena also gets a replacement for Lucius this season with a new Lord Chamberlain named Spencer played by drop-dead hottie Jules Knight.

Liam plans to take the throne

Prince Liam has been winning the hearts of the Brits that are increasingly sick of King Cyrus and he seems destined for kingship. Liam continues romancing Willow the polo-playing cool girl while also working behind the scenes to depose his despised uncle Cyrus.

These characters are so much more fun than the “real” royals.

We’ll find out whether Liam and Eleanor are indeed royal sire when she gets the paternity test results back but it will all be moot when Prince Robert stumbles back into Buckingham Palace.

He’s the rightful heir but it’s doubtful Cyrus will give up the throne without a fight.

Other “The Royals” spoilers

Also in season 3, Jasper shoves a suitor into a port-a-potty, Liam’s engaged in bare-knuckles brawling, and, thankfully, Jasper has dropped pretense and is using his American accent which is funny since actor Tom Austen is full-Brit but does a masterful Midwestern US.

“The Royals” season 3 debuts on E! on Sunday, December 4 and The Loyals can’t wait!

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