The demon Dabura was formerly the demon, and king of darkness first seen in ''Dragon Ball Z,'' specifically in the saga of Majin Buu, in the early days when Babidi ordered him to kill Gohan and his friends. In his beginnings the devil Dabura accompanied Babidi, whereas fat Majin Buu fought against Goku, Vegeta and the others. He began to fight when Fat Majin Buu was defeated by Prince Vegeta, causing an explosion -- and at the same time, his death. Majin Buu had not died then, but after Vegeta’s act of sacrifice, humans made to defend their planet decided not to be evil anymore.

Dabura’s power

The power of Dabura is unknown, as it was under the evil force of Majin Buu, but the Eastern Kaio-shin declared that before being evil by the force of Majin, Dabura took control of Babidi, it is also said that the demon is the more powerful in the kingdom of demons. Under Majin's powers his power decreases, Goku says that his power resembles that of Cell and that he can be as strong as the Bio-android.

In ''Dragon Ball Z'' while Goku and Vegeta were fighting with the Demon King, they knew they could beat Dabura individually.

Later after seeing Dabura fight, Goku retracted, saying that the Demon King was more powerful than they imagined. Goku in Phase 2 of the Super Saiyan could not beat him, he would need Vegeta's help in order to do so.

His appearance in 'Dragon Ball Super'

As it is known, Dabura was assassinated in the saga of ''Dragon Ball Z," but it must be kept in mind that he was assassinated under the powers of Majin, it means that it is not the real Dabura.

When appearing in ''Dragon Ball Super'' he will appear with his original body, and his original power level, wanting to assassinate Majin Buu, and, ultimately, seek revenge for everything that was done to him at the hands of, and by the will of Majin.

He will appear in the tournament that was programmed by the omnipotent Zeno-chan, and he will be the opponent of the Z Warriors.

Note: this information is not 100% confirmed, just a hypothesis.

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