The couple celebrated the holiday Thanksgiving in style. Witnesses reported Evan Peters and Emma Roberts kissing as Roberts' flashed her diamond ring. Popular magazine Us Weekly printed the details for fans to study. An unnamed source said, "Emma and Evan are engaged again. She's been wearing her ring on set. Everyone on set knows." Their break included a stroll through Provincetown, Massachusetts, and the two embraced the warmth faux-fur coats and hot coffee provide. Their turbulent affair began years ago, and the rocky situation embroiled tension and anger.

With the past behind them, the pair can now focus on the upcoming Christmas season and their future wedding.

Relations within the adult world

Roberts became acquainted with beau Peters on the set of the 2012 comedy "Adult World." The actress lusted after the lionized actor, but his thoughts about the beauty developed over time. Roberts dished to television host Chelsea Handler, "I actually, on the set, was like, 'Oh yeah, we're totally gonna date.' And I would try to like flirt with him, which ended up looking like I had something in my eye because I'd be like, 'Hey, what's up?' And he literally didn't speak to me the entire movie.

He thought I was so weird. I was not exactly looking cute to get a man! So, we ended up dating way, way later." Four years later, the powerhouses are trying to mend their mistakes. Best of luck to the happy fiancé and fiancée.

October in November

Peters played a myriad of characters for the hit series "American Horror Story" while Roberts currently role-play's as Chanel in "Scream Queens." Both shows commenced last month, but each brought some Halloween spirit into November.

Both repeat on the channel FX with creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy at the helm. Their creative collective blended horror and satire as a foundation for the respective programs, and many fans cannot wait for the 2017 premieres. Whether Peters and Roberts marry or not, viewers can count on more collaborations for their friends Falchuk and Murphy.

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