In the episode number 36 of the emblematic series of ''Dragon Ball Super'' a chapter is released where the destroying god Champa-sama and his brother Bills-sama talk about creating a tournament where the Warriors of the Universe 6 and the Warriors of the Universe 7 fight Goku and his friends of the Universe 7 and their opponents would be those of the Universe 6. All this with the reason that the one that won the tournament would obtain a prize like the Super Spheres of the Dragon.

Who will we see in the tournaments?

In the tournament, we could see the battles, among the best of Hit vs Goku. At the end of the tournament, we could also see the omnipotent god Zen-chan, who at the end of everything said that he was enjoying watching the tournament while everyone fought and this is what gave the idea to the omnipotent to create another tournament but with more participants and not only Warriors.

In this article we are going to talk about the appearance of a new member of the team of Champa, nothing more and nothing less than the Android of Darkness ''Mira ''.

Who is Mira?

Mira is nothing more and nothing less than a demon that was created by his wife Towa. It was created with the genetic materials of Z Warriors that existed in the universe 7.

Mira is a character of tall stature, a little muscular with a kind of costume known as the Costume of the Universe 7, which is identified by the white armor with yellow color with a small symbol of the Destroyers of History.

She also has an aura around her neck, a dark pink T-shirt, yellow wrists and a gray skirt. Her skin is light blue and her hair is white.

Mira has a goal and is to be the most powerful in the universe 7, so they incorporated the DNA of the most powerful fighters in that universe, thus adopting features of each of the warriors who stole DNA.

The android belongs to the Demon Kingdom. Next to Towa they have a son who was named "Fu", who in the future will have great influence in the universe.

Together with his wife is the leader of the Destroyers of History. Among his missions is stealing the Passport of Time, a device that would allow him to jump through time. '' Jump in time is illegal ''

Note: This is just a hypothesis.

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