Lucky "Supernatural" fans will get to see Billie the Reaper again on this week's episode titled "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox." Along with returning to the CW’s hit show, Berry can also be found on the big screen with her role as Candace Cranston in the new "Power Rangers" film. Out of Richmond Hill, Ontario, she started out as a make-up artist before venturing into acting. Known for roles as Grier on "XIII: The Series," Pam Everwood on "Combat Hospital," Serena on "Lost Girl," as well as parts in "Skins," "Nikita," and "Continuum."

Billie the Reaper is back

Colleen Bement: Of course I have to start out with chatting about my favorite show, "Supernatural." I love strong female characters and fell for Billie right away.

Can you make the fans smile with any cools stories from the set? 

Lisa Berry: Well, as you know I too am a huge fan of the show and as a fan naturally I wanted a picture sitting inside Baby. So, one day when I was on set, I turned to Jensen and said "Baby’s like a black girls hair, you can't touch it without permission." Catching my drift, he laughed and then proceeded to open the door for me so I could get behind the wheel. I was smiling from ear to ear, it was awesome. I’ve loved every second of working with everyone, being on show still doesn’t feel real.  

Plays the role of Candace Cranston in 'Power Rangers'

CB: I can speak for the fans, and we all grateful that the writers bringing bringing Billie back to "Supernatural." Let's talk about your current cool project.

So you'll be joining the "Power Rangers" fandom with your role as Candace Cranston in the new film. I know you can't say much, but how has the experience been so far?

LB: As for working on "Power Rangers," it was a lot of fun; I play Billie Cranston’s mom. She's got a lot of personality. I’ll say that much. 

CB: When "Supernatural" fans were introduced to you in season 11, we found that you have a beautiful voice.

Do you sing? Do you have any other hidden talents that you can share with your fans?

LB: Thank you so much, I do sing. I love to sing, and coloring is my hidden talent. 

CB: To get to know you better, what do you like to do in your downtime?

LB: I love to travel. I’ve just started doing it more in recent years and I love it.

I especially loved getting to go to England for Asylum 17; that was so much fun.

Lisa loves comics

CB: Are you a fan of comics? If so, what is your favorite comic book series or super hero?

LB: Am I a fan of comics? I LOVE comics: "Superman," "Wonder Woman," the New 52 is my fave right now, and loved it so much I got my fiancé and some friends together so I could voice "Wonder Woman."

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