"The Librarians" returns November 20 on TNT with season 3. "The Librarians" is derived from the film series starring Noah Wyle, following the story of Flynn as he becomes the Librarian meant to protect the Library (mythical objects that have real magic). When the TV show premiered, Flynn handed over his role to three new Librarians (Cassie, Ezekiel, and Jacob), their Guardian Eve, and Caretaker Jenkins. Together they work to protect magical objects from evil. Noah Wyle's Flynn comes in and out of the show, as a sort of deus ex machina figure.

Wyle considers the show a success because it gives TNT family friendly programming.

Noah Wylewill serve as a writer in 'The Librarians'

Noah Wyle serves as executive producer of "The Librarians", but coming this season his role expands. He will direct two episodes and write one. He recently directed an episode of season 2. He will also occur in 7 of the 10 episodes, the most he's been in in one season since the show began.This isn't the first time Noah Wyle has ventured beyond acting. Past roles have included producer of "The Librarian" films and "Falling Skies" by TNT.

He's also written a spec for "The Art of War."

What's to come in the new season?

"The Librarians" has featured several well-known myths in the past. Excalibur (Cal) has been a well-loved character on the show, particularly to Flynn, to a book that brought fairytales to life with the characters in the role. The new season will no doubt draw on other myths.

Executive Producer Dean Devlin teases that the new season will be a bit scarier than previous seasons with raised stakes.

Vanessa Williams is set to join the cast in the recurring role of a General intent on capturing the Librarians and the magical artifacts they protect. She works for the D.O.S.A. (The Department of Statistical Anomalies), which also serves as the season's antagonist.

Felicia Day and Sean Astin will guest star in the episode "And Tears of a Clown" as Kirby Goulding and Charlotte Halloway. Kirby is a magician working at a carnival when he receives the gift of real magic, which he uses to find his crush, Charlotte.

While investigating, the Librarians will discover the true danger the artifacts they protect can be. Are you excited for the new season?

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