More speculation begins to see the iconic series ''Dragon Ball Super," lately has given us much to talk about and many fights like Vegeta, which was an epic fight at all times. Prince Vegeta in battle, now -- with the legendary Super Saiyajin? Many of the Dragon Ball fans have not seen this one for a long time or even remember that it exists -- much less think that it could appear in the famous series.

Battle between Gods

With the last battles we have to witness the power of each character. Also, remember that in the tournament of Champa-sama and Bills-sama, there appeared a Saiyajin.


Vegeta always believed that it was only He and Goku, and the others we already know. When they arrive at the tournament, they meet another Saiyan who impresses the public since it was always thought that there were only Saiyajins on earth. Now, where is Broly? In another universe?

As Kyabe appeared, the same could appear with Broly, with the power of a God since this is the Legendary Saiyajin. Recall that Broly has always been an enemy of Goku and vice versa, since the story tells us that Goku made him angry at bedtime and he got up and did not let him sleep with his screams.

In each encounter Broly tried to eliminate Goku, better known as Kakarotto. The encounter of these would be a sublime battle and battle between gods, it would be epic to see these characters fight with the power that each have.

Additional information:

Broly is a Saiyajin with dark eyes, fair skin more or less yellow, long fur that can reach until the middle of his back with several fringes that are in its front. Broly is a tall character, slim to not being transformed and thick to transform. He wears a necklace that was created by his father to be controlled, as this one has power and can destroy everything.


The clothing that he uses is very similar to the clothes that Prince Kibito uses, white trousers and a girdle, earrings, a necklace, and a full blue set.

Note: this information is not 100% confirmed, and is just a hypothesis.