The weekend comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show” aired on Sony TV is a full platter of comedy satire and entertainment. The episode aired on Saturday was fabulous as guests actress Vidya Balan and actor Arjun Rampal came to the sets to promote their latest Hindi movie “Kahani 2”. Vidya was not just looking scorching, and beautiful but proved her wit too with the statement, ‘while actresses have’ kissey’ she has ‘kahani.'

Satire on demonetization of currency

The episode was another feather in Kapil’s cap as it was not just humor, but it was a satire on currency demonetization move by the current Indian government.

Kapil introduced the show asking Sidhu Ji if he had the change of Rs 500. The fun progressed with him and Sunil Grover playing as Dr. Mashhoor Gulati tried to dodge Chandu by paying his debts in old currency notes.

Sidhu asked a date with ravishing the Vidya Balan, but his plans were very hilariously put down by Kapil as he quoted the 1990 match to the veteran cricketer.

Kapil is omnipotent when it comes to comedy, and he has proved this many times.

He created giggling moments by making the audience remember that all the cast of the movie "Kahani 2" was national award winners including the director Sujoy Ghosh and made fun that may be the producer’s condition to sign only national awardees for the movie.

Dr. Gulati made fun with Arjun as he did a ‘peeiliya’ (jaundice) test on him and tried to prove himself as Vidya’s biggest fan. While Sharma was excellent with his witty questions the guests were incredibly entertaining too with their most amusing answers and Vidya even exhibited how to wrap a saree.

The guests shared dance steps with Guthhi and giggled like never on the stupidity of Kiku Sharda as Bumper.

Ali Asgar looked cute as acted to leave Kapil’s house with never existing property papers.

However, among all comedy and laughter, the spotlight of the show remained Vidya Balan and Arjun Kapoor who had come to promote their latest movie “Kahaani 2” where Vidya plays the character of Durga Rani Singh.

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