"The Grand Tour" starring the old buddies from "Top gear" - Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will launchon 18 November on Amazon Prime Video just in time to help everyone get over the election blues. Either way, half the population of the world's most powerful country will be losers. Dash, crash, smash, corny humor and exotic places might be the pick-me-up America needs.

'The Grand Tour' breath of fresh air after elections sagas.

The world of cars has been bereft since Clarkson was drop-kicked off the BBC show 'Top Gear" for punching someone or other who was probably annoying and the fans were sad.

"Top Gear" without Clarkson was simply not "Top Gear" anymore. Like a forlornorphaned teenager, it limped along and people heaved a sigh over political correctnessand took themselves off to watch other things like the soap opera US election campaign.

The after-shocks of that election campaign, no matter who wins or loses will likely put nearly half the USA into a state of deep depression, so how good is it that Clarkson and Co will be back weekly in the USA and the UK soon after the current politico-show is over?

This show looks like it's gonna be so good

Trusted Reviews tells us thatAmazon Prime Video Europe's VP Jay Marine believes the new show will "be one of the ‘most anticipated TV launches of all time." and they seem to agree. Old "Top Gear" fans are probably going to love the new series as Jeremy Clarkson pointed out that they were very hampered by the BBC talent management people, but Amazon has pretty much told them to do whatever their creativity comes up with.

iNews Essential Daily Briefing quotes Clarksonas saying “Now we’ve been forced to reinvent it so it’s a breath of fresh air and we can surge ahead.

First in the series filmed in South Africa

"The Grand Tour" looks to have many of the old "Top Gear" draw cards but the difference seems to be that the show will pe presented from a huge tent, and will take place in different countries. We know so far that the first show will be in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the last one will be in Dubai and will be shooting after the series launches in November.

It has been described as "an epic whirlwind trip around the globe."

Watch some official Amazon snippets of the forthcoming "The World Tour" below:

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