The Gotega character is rather exclusive and was seen just for 30 minutes. This character actually only appeared once in the anime. The counterpart of this fusion is the fusion of Veggeto which is different as they´re using the "Pothala Earrings". Vegetto just appeared in the series for five minutes - that's the reason for the exclusiveness.


There is another fusion that is even more powerful than these two and it´s the fusion that realizes in the saga of ''Dragon Ball GT'' when transformed into super Saiyajin 4, forming the fusion of Super Gogeta which would be the outcome of Goku Saiyajin 4 and Vegeta Saiyajin 4.


The costume of the fusion performed with the Fusion Dance is the same for all who merge in the same way, therefore Gogeta wears the same costume as Gotenks; a vest, stuffed around the neck, orange colored shoulder pads (Reddish that represents the color of Goku) and everything else is the color black.

The transformation of Gogeta is realized through Goku and Vegeta. That we already know, but did you know that half of the body of Gogeta is a part of Vegeta and the other part of Goku? If you look at an image clearly you can notice in the face the shape of each of the warriors.

Not long ago fans were able to see the fusion that takes place using the pothalas earrings, Vegetto. The fusion was carried out since the immortal Zamasu was about. For the warriors, Son Goku and Vegeta, the transformation only lasted five minutes since these earlier mergings were weakened.


In the saga of Trunks and Black Goku we could see "Vegetto". Now we will be able to see the "Super Saiyajin Gogeta" in the next saga which is about the tournament. Zeno-sama decided to create the tournament but it isn´t known yet just how it will all take place and who will be the enemies, whether it will be a team of two or individuals.

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If we know the rules, if it will allow to killing the opponent or just disqualify them by removal from the platform or leaving it unconscious.

Additional information: This information is just a spoiler and it is not 100% confirmed.