The fusion of Destroyer God Bills-sama and the angel Whis-san will take place. Who are they?


Beerus is the God of Destruction of the universe 7, a character that appears in the manga and anime of the emblematic series of "Dragon Ball Super." Beerus took his role as a destroyer for the first time in the movie that premiered in 2014, ''Battle of the Gods'' where he is the main antagonist of the film. This God occupies the position of Destroyer of all the universe 7, being here where it is developed, the whole history of ''Dragon Ball" until "Dragon Ball Z."

The God Destroyer Beerus is very playful as well as cats are.

Also, he is fanatic of the food, is obsessed with the food that Bulma-san cooks. His facial expressions and his gestures separate him from all the characters that are in the series, this makes him even more evil in the series, since he is not human. However, God gets angry very quickly and in a bad way for nonsense and stupid things, for example when he played hide and seek with Goku and others and was found, another example was when Majin Buu did not want to share pudding with him.

Beerus trusts in his power.

He showed the Z Warriors that he has to be feared by them and the whole universe, since he is a God and not an ordinary human. Despite being a God Destroyer, he is very friendly and sociable with others when he is in a good mood, although it would be better to always keep him that way and not in a bad mood.

He was greatly feared when he destroyed Zamasu from the present by grabbing him and saying this word; "Hakai."


She is a blue-skinned angel with white hair and apparently appears to be female.

She is dressed in a brown robe with a spice of white armor with some yellow and green accents. Whis also wears black heeled shoes and wears a hoop that surrounds a blue collar.

Their fusion

The fusion of these characters will take place in the next saga of ''Dragon Ball Super'' where it will be necessary that these can form a single God.

Additional information: this information is not 100% confirmed.

It's just a spoiler/theory.

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