The Saiyajin Kyabe was first seen in the tournament that was created by the destroying god Champa-sama, with the aim to be able to gain the Super Spheres of the Dragon. Kyabe participated in the team of the god Champa, being the number 3 among the 5 participants. His opponent was Prince Vegeta who defeated him with a single blow to the stomach, making him invalid. Before Prince Vegeta knocked Kyabe out, out of anger so that he could become a Super Saiyan, he let it hit him for a few minutes, which caused him to awaken all his Ki and strength.

Prince Vegeta told him that he would reach the new phase of Super Saiyan Blue if he trained strong and enthusiastically.


Part of Knabe's story:

As already known, Kyabe is a Saiyajin so his physical appearance does not change even if 500 years pass. Although he does not have a tail like Vegeta and Goku, he is equally a Saiyajin. The process of evolution in his universe is different from the process that exists in the universe 7, where the other Saiyans react.

His hair is long, pointy and with a pendant tuft like Goku. His eyes are large, black and brown. His clothes are the original armor worn by the Saiyans before Frieza extinguished them. He does not seem to be the most powerful Saiyan of the universe 6 thanks to his size and his extremely thin body.

His father

His father will take his role in the next chapters of the saga of ''Dragon Ball Super''. With green hair we can see that it is a God, adopting a very strange form of Saiyajin. In that case, appearing for the next saga would be obvious, as Champa-sama looks for him to participate in the tournament that Zen-chan has scheduled for. Among his powers he can become Super Saiyan, has high speed of movement, and can fight up to 5 enemies at the same time.

Their outfits are different from those of the other Saiyans.

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He has long hair like Broly, a green t-shirt like an ordinary human and brown boots. His face resembles that of a monkey since he has a lot of hair.

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