In the recent chapters it has been speculated that Bardock would reappear. From the Champa-sama tournament it is said that the shadow that would appear high above the battle center was Bardock since the shape of the hair and armor was similar to the armor that Bardock uses. Bardock was assassinated by Commander Freezer in "Dragon Ball," also Gine was assassinated when Vegeta's Planet disappeared, due to a huge powerful ball that the Freezer Commander made.

Goku always wanted to meet his father but he could not since he had been murdered while he was a baby.


Raditz also did not know his father or his mother, though Goku and Raditz could not live together as brothers, since Raditz stayed on Freezer's planet as a soldier. This made Goku's brother go to earth to look for Goku, to assassinate him.

The appearance of Bardock and Gine

As many of us have not seen, Bardock, this article will go into detail regarding the character.

Bardock is very similar to his younger son, Goku -- the only difference is that Bardock has a scar on the right side of his face just like his cousin Yamcha.

He wears the same armor that all Z Warriors used at that time, green armor, along with red bracelets. He also wears a Tracker like many of the Saiyans in the time of King Vegeta.

The seal representing Bardock is Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru

Gine, is thin and small; she has dark hair, and the same shape as her son Raditz. She wears the armor of the Saiyans, but she is a woman, so her color changes, her armor is pink, without shoulder pads, and she wears purple wristbands.

Unlike Bardock, Gine was never mentioned in any of the ''Dragon Ball'' sagas.


It was mentioned for the first time in an interview that Shonen Jump did with the creator Akira Toriyama, the reason why, according to the interview, was that Gine was very weak and her Ki would not reach 1,000. It was mentioned for the first time in the year 2014 in an edition of the magazine.

Note: This information is not 100% confirmed, just a hypothesis and some speculation.