From the first moments of the preview "The Exorcist" gets your attention. It isn't a sleeper series that takes a while to grip the viewer. The writers have done a great job with a story of demonic possession and giving the viewers the history of the characters.

A strong family bond

Angela (Geena Davis) is a mom worried about her daughter. She thinks her oldest daughter, Katherine (Brianne Howey) is the target of a demon. She is only half right. Her daughter is in danger but it is the younger Casey (Hannah Kasulka) that has been befriended by a demon. Angela's husband Henry (Alan Ruck) is suffering from a head injury received in an accident and is not as helpful to her, as she needs to fight the battle she has before her.

As "The Exorcist" progresses, we learn the dark secrets of the priests involved. Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) has a history of exorcisms and has been affected by all that he has seen and experienced. Having been recently fired from the church, he is struggling with his own demons. Father Thomas (Alfonso Herrera) is the priest at the church Angela and her family attend. She turns to him for help and he approaches Father Marcus for assistance with the unsanctioned exorcism.

Angela's history with the demon

The twist to the show is that Angela, as a child was Regan. She had suffered through a successful exorcism and escaped the demon that now has possessed her daughter Casey. She remains his true target because she is the one that got away.

The media has not forgotten the story of her exorcism and are trying to connect Angela to Regan.

Friday night the Fall finale aired. At the very end of the show, viewers see that Angela is now possessed once again by the demon that she beat 40 years ago. The demon showed himself as Angela snapped her mother's neck and tossed her down the stairs.

You don't have to be a horror fan to enjoy "The Exorcist." The writers have a great storyline and casting couldn't be better. Geena Davis is the perfect mix of a concerned mother and determined woman. She will not stop until her family is safe.

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