The CW network has canceled its two newest original shows. It was reported that Tuesday night premiere "No Tomorrow" and Wednesday night premiere "Frequency" will not return for more episodes midseason. "No Tomorrow" and "Frequency" were the only new original shows that were added to the fall schedule. (The CW also added "Supergirl" to the fall schedule, which is currently in its 2nd season. "Supergirl" originally aired its first season on CBS). "No Tomorrow" premiered on October 4th, while "Frequency" premiered October 5th.

Both series were picked up for 13 episodes, and have currently aired 7 episodes each.

The CW is ending these shows- but why?

Both shows have struggled in ratings and reception. While "No Tomorrow" has received critical acclaim, the show has had trouble finding a loyal audience. TV by the Numbers reports that the show drew a 0.3 rating among 18 to 49-year-olds, and received a 0.12 share. These ratings are down from last year in the Tuesday at 9pm time slot. Much like "No Tomorrow," "Frequency" faced a similar fate.

The show also drew a 0.3 rating among 18 to 49-year-olds. The share was matching "No Tomorrow"'s share at 0.12, but has since slipped to 0.11. The only show that has received lower viewership on the same channel is the sophomore series "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," which has matched it's previous year's number in its new Friday time slot.

Not your typical CW shows

"No Tomorrow" follows the adventures of Evie Covington, a girl at a dead end job who is comfortable never taking risks.

One day, she meets her neighbor Xavier, who believes that the world is going to end in a matter of months. Xavier is daring, free-spirited...everything Evie has never been. Evie does not believe him at first but realizes that if he is right, she will have spent her entire life playing it safe. Evie decides to believe Xavier's theory, and she chooses to spend her remaining months living life to the fullest with Xavier.

The show stars Tori Anderson, Joshua Sasse (of "Galavant"), and Ted McGinley (of "Married with Children"). Based on the 2000 film of the same name, "Frequency" follows the life of Detective Raimy Sullivan. One day, Raimy realizes that she has the ability to communicate with her father who died in the year 1996. The two work together to solve murder cases but must make sure not to damage the world in 2016 as we know it. The show stars Peyton List and Riley Smith. Both shows will air their series finales on the CW network this upcoming January. "No Tomorrow" will air its series finale on January 17th, while "Frequency" will air its series finale on January 25th.

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