When it comes to royals, we often think of those who transformed the lives of those they ruled. Henry VII with his Church of England and Elizabeth I with her golden age of English literature are a few that come to mind. But what about this queen, Queen Elizabeth II, do we know from her private life? This new television series from Netflix called, "The Crown," shows an in-depth look at the woman who wanted to be Queen of England, just not at that current moment.

Queen Elizabeth II was a responsible woman

While the current Queen is often poised and delightful, there have been many movies and television series that reflect the current Queen's young life behind Buckingham Palace, where every English royal has lived since the reign of Queen Victoria. But there are some movies that show a more well-adpated women who grew up in a life behind the spotlight under her father's oldest brother abdicated the throne for a woman he loved. This coincides with British history about the short reign of Kind Edward VIII, whose brother George VI, became King of England during the wartime era of WWII.

Unfortinately, Kind Edward VIII did not make it towards his coronation and his reign only lasted 326 days. After Edward abdicated the throne to his brother, George and his wife were the next rulers in line for the throne along with their two daughters, Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. Elizabeth was one of those women who knew about her position and her place in the royal line, but her sister Margaret on the other hand, was having a bit too much fun as the younger sibling of the future queen.

In the movie "A Royal Night Out,"the film follows young Elizabeth and Margaret who want to party along with the people of England the night WWII was declared officially over. However, the night goes haywire when Margaret runs off with a man who tries to rape her and thinks of her as a high-class call girl. She ends up in a knocking shop (brothel in British terms) and is taken to Chelsea Square with a Monsieur in charge of a few of his call girls.

Elizabeth has to find her before the morning, with the help of an airman who follows her along the journey, and is shocked to discover that she and her sister are members of the royal family. The film ends with Margaret being scolded for her inappropriate behavior and Elizabeth being trifled on manners and finding her sister at Chelsea Square.

While the movie does show some of Elizabeth's actions, it doesn't show the whole picture like the Netflix series. We see a poised and shy woman who fears that she isn't ready for the crown, but knows the duties of being the Queen of England. While Elizabeth may be the Queen of England, she has to know when to put her country first and her marriage second.

But there are times where she can put her family first, like the next heir to the throne of England.

'The Crown' will leave you wanting more

Like many people who review television shows and movies, "The Crown" is no exception to watcher's interest. As some see it a great way to avoid voting on #Election Day, the series shows a side of the royal family in a light we never get to see in public. I've been watching this series so far and I can tell you that the role of Queen Elizabeth II played by Claire Foy is a great consideration for showing the woman who imposed decorum and dignity with every sense of the words.

This light into her marriage with Prince Phillip of Mountbatten, played my Matthew Smith from "Dr. Who" and her life as mother and Queen of England show the world what it truly means to be a woman with enough power to bend and transform her country at will. As they state in the series, when a Queen rules England, there are some great advantages that come from it.

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