Ford rebuilt the original town, and he knows exactly what everyone is doing. He's updating the machines for his new plan, and they are getting smarter. But the "Westworld" creator knows that he has to protect himself and the guests from getting killed -- everything that is happening is because he's allowing it. But will he be able to continue to outsmart his adversaries?

The groundwork for Dr. Ford's new stories are coming into view

Ford has been restoring large portions of the park's landscape. But what's really fascinating, is that it wasn't Dr. Ford who killed Arnold; but it was revealed that Dolores was responsible for the co-founder's death.

Even more shocking, after being forced to tell the truth with a gun pointed at him, Ford reveals that Arnold was the basis for making Bernard. Moreover, the Man in Black has maybe reached the end of the maze at the new church, and it will confirm that he's William. It looks like all the building blocks are coming together for what appears to be an exciting future at "Westworld."

Dr. Ford has a 'back door' code for his most dangerous adversaries

Maeve and Dolores are beginning to learn, sense, and have free-will, but it looks like it is just another one of Ford's loops -- they have a lot of layers in their narrative, but hosts are not able to see what's really going on.

Maeve has rebelled and recruited even more treacherous new hosts for her “army." She's brilliant, resourceful, and manipulating Sylvester and Felix to do all her dirty work. On the other hand, Dolores is completely confused and just beginning to discover that she's responsible for murdering many hosts.

But it's extremely mysterious that Dr. Ford is not interfering with their code very much. In the past nine episodes of "Westworld," we've watched the doctor outsmart and kill opponents who thought they had the upper hand.

Maeve convinced Lutz to change her core code, and she can now kill humans.

Will she get rid of Dr. Ford and be able to escape from the heavily locked-down "Westworld" facility?

"Westworld" airs on HBO on Sunday nights. Catch the Season 1 finale on Sunday, December 4.

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