"The Cosby Show" originally aired on NBC for eight seasons from September 20, 1984 until April 30, 1992. Re-runs of the classic sitcom will return to Bounce TV on December 19, 2016. In the past, the show was aired on TV Land, Bounce TV and BET. All three networks canceled re-runs of the popular sitcom in 2014 after allegations were filed against the Bill Cosby for sexual assaulting about 50 women.

Back by popular demand

People might be wondering why Bounce TV is bringing back the re-runs even though the case against Cosby is still ongoing.

The answer is quite simple. Viewers requested the network to bring back the re-runs. The network tweeted that it heard the requests loud and clear. Therefore, "The Cosby Show" is returning by popular demand. Bounce TV is the only one of the three networks so far that is bringing back the classic sitcom.

'The Cosby Show'

Those who have watched the original sitcom need no introduction because they already know about the show that was created and produced by Bill Cosby who also had a starring role. The show focused on the Huxtable family, an upper-middle-class African-American family living in Brooklyn, New York.

Cliff Huxtable was an obstetrician and his wife, Claire, was an attorney. No matter what problem the family encountered, by the end of the show, the parents along with their five children had found a solution.The series tackled some serious subjects. However, there was laughter throughout, and the sitcom always ended on a good note.

Most of the characters of "The Cosby Show" went on to star in their own shows.

The series was so popular that it helped other shows with African-American casts to emerge. "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and "In Living Color" are two examples. TV Guide described the classic as TV's biggest hit in the 1980s.

Bounce TV

Bounce TV calls itself “the first African-American broadcast network.” It is known for airing shows with African-Americans casts. The network was created to target African-American audiences even though other races can enjoy the shows.

The network is fairly new. It has been operating since September 26, 2011. Most of the programs on Bounce TV are reruns of old favorite series and game shows.

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