Tuesday on 'The Bold and the Beautiful', Katiewas at Forrester to see Brooke, and inquired about her supposed marriage to Bill. Brooke told her that it wasn't her decision that they didn't get married. She explained that Ridge showed up to claim her and to stop the wedding, which Katie found to be quite funny.Katie couldn't help but taunt and poke fun at Brooke. She admitted that she was in fact a horrible sister to her. She was grateful that Katie was even talking to her. "I can never cut you out of my life for good Brooke, you know that." Katie stated.

Katie told Brooke that she wished that she could be more like her. To Katie's amusement, Brooke admitted that she always wanted to be like her sister. Brooke was open with the fact that she always needed a man in her life, and that it was was hard for her to adjust to being alone, and that she was finally getting the hang of it. Katie then commented to Brooke that she is now "back in the game."

Bill arrives to see Brooke

Bill interrupted the conversation between the sisters with his unannounced arrival.

Katieleft, and Brooke asked Bill about his standing with her. Bill revealed that he was still pretty pissed about Ridge interrupting their wedding. Frustrated, Brooke explained that she did not invite Ridge over and that she had in fact kicked him out. She blamed Bill for the wedding not happening, by leaving her at the altar.

Brooke conceded that she shouldn't have left Bill waiting downstairs while listening to Ridge.

Bill then announced that he doesn't want to rehash the past, and that he is all about moving forward. His plan was to get on a jet with her and fly to a destination to get married.

Ridge continues to defy the new team in charge

Ridge metQuinn working with Ivy and Wyatt and called her his father's "latest and greatest mistake." Quinn reminded Ridge about the company's upcoming fashion show. She wanted to discuss it with Ridge, but he was dismissive.

Quinn went on to share her idea to highlight the jewelry line as a commodity in its own right, and that the fashion show would be the perfect platform to do so. Ridge shut it down as the "worst idea he has ever heard" and said that he is not going to design for it. Queen Quinn stood her ground and calmly insisted on the implementation of her idea for the fashion show with a vote from Wyatt. "The Bold and the Beautiful's"Ridge Forrester threw a punch at Wyatt, tacky, Ridge 2.0 style with his comment, "So Oedipus agreed with his mommy, that's a shocker."

Quinn tried to reason with Ridge to stop fighting so hard against her.

Ridge complained that her idea was "asinine" and that he has to greet people and keep a straight face about the whole thing. Quinn quickly informed him that she will be making the introductions, so he doesn't have to worry about that. Ridge retorted that her soul is the darkest that he has ever seen, and that she will become another ridiculous chapter in Eric's book of failed affairs. He then promised her that he'll be back in the Forrester CEO chair soon.

Does Ridge now have a chance with Brooke?

With Bill's announcement, Brookeappeared hesitant. He then asked if she has any feelings for Ridge.

Brooke couldn't find the words to reply to him. In shock, Bill reminded her about what they have been through together for years, and that he ended his marriage to Katie for their sake. Brooke reassured Bill that she still wants to marry him, but Bill didn't want to do so, given the circumstances. When Bill left, Ridge entered the room and Brooke told him that Bill wanted to whisk her away to get married. After questioning from Ridge, Brooke revealed how she responded to Bill's question about her feelings towards him. Ridge was hopeful. "It's encouraging to think that one day, he'll be out of your life and you'll come back to me and RJ." Ridge said.

He was confident that he and Brooke will be together again.

"The Bold and the Beautiful"airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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