On Monday on the "The Bold and the Beautiful,"Steffy and Liam were at home celebrating Steffy's newfound freedom. "Every minute that I spent missing you was a minute closer to this moment." he said to her. He continued to let her know that he can't picture his life without her. Liam suggested to Steffy that they could try staying together, instead of breaking up and getting back together again. The love-struck couple kicked back and remembered their wedding and the special times they had together.

They then went to their bedroom and made love.

Nicole expresses regret

"The Bold and the Beautiful"continued its surrogacy story-line with a twist, with Nicole telling Rick and Maya that she feels really bad that she backed out of having another baby for them. The parents told her that they respected her decision. Nicole told her sister how much she loves Zende. "I could have handled this better, waited like he said, and talked to him." she stated. She reassured herself that he loves her and that he does not want to be with Sasha.

She vowed to make things right between her and Zende, because she does not want to lose him.

Nicole called Zende and left him a voice message. She recorded that she feels hurt that he is in Hawaii with Sasha, and conceded that he was right -- that she should have included him in her decision. "I love you. Get back here right away, okay baby?" were her final words before hanging up. As Rick reported that the jet to LA would be landing shortly, Nicole rushes to meet Zende at the airport.

She hoped that he would be able to forgive her.

Nicole finds Sasha in bed with Zende

On the flight back to LA, Zende told Sasha that he can't stop thinking about Nicole and her decision to go through with the procedure. He still couldn't believe that she had changed her mind after talking about it with him. Sasha advised him to get some sleep. Alone, Sasha reminisced about the fun she had while working and being together with Zende.

She then went over to his bed and kissed him. The two continued to kiss passionately. Upon arrival, Nicole entered the Forrester jet that landed at the airport. She opened the room door and found Sasha in bed with Zende. Hurt and despaired, she ran out and Zende ran after her, offering an explanation, but Nicole walked away from him, leaving him there.

"The Bold and the Beautiful"airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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