Thursday on "The Bold and the Beautiful"at Forrester, Steffy told Liam that she is moving out of her brother's place. The star-crossed lovers seemed happy to be a couple once again, and ready to move on with their lives. A specialist arrived at the office to get Steffy's tattooed wedding 'ring' removed. With Liam by her side, she underwent the painful laser procedure.

At Brooke's house, Maya and Nicole get ready to go to the doctor's office. Rick, Maya and Nicole came to the agreement that if there were any doubts, any one of them were free to call the whole thing off.

The couple showed concern about Nicole's relationship with Zende. "Zende's upset, and he's not thinking straight. And I understand it, but I can't let it control me." she said to them. She questioned the kind of future she would have with Zende if he runs off to Hawaii for a hot fling every time she makes a decision for herself that he doesn't like. She reasoned that maybe this was his way of processing big life changes. Naturally, she was relieved that Zende and Sasha haven't slept together, and was hopeful that he was on his way back to her right now.

"If he isn't, and he is standing by his decision, I am going to stand by mine."

Could Ivy and Wyatt be getting back together?

With new and old flames igniting,what is happening with Ivy and Wyatt? Back at the Forrester mansion, Ivy tells Wyatt that he deserves a wife who treats him better. She was also apologetic that things didn't go well with them previously. Wyatt confided in Ivy that he doesn't want to believe that his marriage to Steffy is over and that maybe he has to let her go, in order to get her back in the long run.

Zende pleads with Nicole

Zende began to beat himself up in front of Sasha, because he feels that he is not good enough for Nicole. He told her what it's like to be a Forrester: the opportunities and good life that he has had. He mentioned the warning he got that women will want him because of his name and money, but he lamented that he was never warned about the possibility of meeting someone [Nicole] whose heart is so pure, that he feels like he couldn't possibly live up to her standards.

When Sasha left, Zende gave Nicole a phone call. Nicole told him that she loves him, but he is not the only person in her life. Zende remarked that he sees that he is not the most important one either. He went on to explain that he is not like her, and doesn't have the strength that she has. He further explained that he does not want to be alone again, just like the way he felt in the orphanage before he was adopted. "Why didn't you tell me that before? Why did you go to Sasha instead?" she complained. He told her that it isn't about Sasha. He pleaded with her to back out of her decision and to get back to how things were.

The scene ended with Nicole telling Zende that she has to go.

'"The Bold and the Beautiful"airs Monday to Friday on CBS.

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