Tuesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Steffy encountered Bill at Spencer Publications, in her search for Liam. Bill shared his plans to get married to Brooke, leaving Steffy to wonder if he is worried that her father will try to talk her out of it, but Bill was confident. "There is no way that Ridge is getting another shot at keeping us apart," he stated. To Steffy's disbelief, Bill informed her about Ridge's latest stunt with Brooke at her grandmother's grave site. Today, he was expecting Brooke to make it clear to Ridge that there will be no future for the two of them.

Steffy couldn't help but notice Bill's jolly mood. Later on, she discussed Thanksgiving dinner, and expressed her hope that Quinn will self-destruct. Bill added that Quinn would have been out of the company by now, if it weren't for Ridge.

Sasha and Nicole square off

Sasha went to see Nicole alone at the office. She started by saying that she knows that she is still hurting, and that's the reason why she stayed away for Thanksgiving. "But don't let whatever you're feeling for me affect your relationship with Zende," she advised, asking her to give him another chance.

She explained that she and Zende didn't know that she had changed her mind about giving Rick and Maya another baby. Nicole quickly fired back, "And that makes it okay?"

Sasha said that she was hopeful that she and Zende were patching things up, but Nicole doubted her. Nicole told her point blank that she was simply trying to get her to trust her, and to believe that she was actually rooting for her and Zende, knowing that she always wanted him for herself.

She went on to ask Sasha if she was jealous of her because their father made her his secret, but Sasha denied it. Nicole admitted to mishandling the situation with Rick and Maya, but said that struggled with getting the image of Zende and her sister together in bed, out of her head.

Sasha was apologetic and begged for her to forgive Zende, but Nicole insisted that she can never trust either of them of again.

Nicole wondered if her sister had any morals for taking advantage of Zende again, while he was hurt. Unwilling to have Nicole talk down to her, Sasha defended that there was nothing that she could say to her to affect her, especially after everything that their father had put her through.

Sasha placed the blame on Nicole and pointed out that she may not be mature enough to be in a relationship, and that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and that she was the one who pushed Zende too far. Before leaving, Nicole told Sasha that she can have Zende, calling her a "self-absorbed play toy."

Ridge has a surprise for Brooke

At the photoshoot site where Brooke met him, Ridge called Bill and the ring that he gave her "a joke." He told her that their son was still hopeful for them to get back together, and then asked her what he should tell him.

She said that she came over to tell him that she and Bill are leaving today to get married. Finally, Ridge asked her if this is what she really wants: to walk away from him and RJ. "I love you, Ridge. I will always cherish every moment we've ever shared, but you and RJ are gonna have to accept the fact that this is what I want -- Bill." she said. Appearing indifferent, Ridge told her that she should go to Bill. He then took some steps towards the edge of the lookout over the beach, and as Brooke looked in the direction he was looking, she was surprised. She saw a large writing in the sand on the beach that said, "Brooke & Ridge," with a heart drawn around it.

"You're not leaving me, not now, not ever," he then said.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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