Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke admired Stephanie's ring. "Mom always wanted us to be together." Ridge pressed. Brooke seemed hesitant, and Ridge told her that the ring is hers when she is ready to accept it and become his wife.

Meanwhile, Bill was hopeful that RJ enjoyed their day together. "If my mom does decide to marry you, do you promise to keep her happy?" asked the teenager. Bill convinced RJ that his mother means everything to him, and gave him his word that he will keep her happy for the rest of his life.

RJ puts pressure on Brooke

When RJ returned home, Brooke was anxious to hear how his day was with Bill. The young Forrester admitted that Liam gave him a different perspective on Bill, and that all he wants is for her to be happy. "Are you okay with me marrying Bill?" she asked. RJ said that he wasn't exactly okay, but he feels better about him. In between the dialogue, RJ puts the pressure on, presenting himself and his father as the better option for her. "Do what's right for all of us." While alone, Brooke thought about RJ's words.

Bill confronts Ridge

Bill found Ridge at Stephanie's grave-site, and began to mock him. He assured Ridge that his trick to guilt trip Brooke won't work. Bill was confident that Brooke will choose him. "I know what Brooke and I have," he told him. He continued by saying that she is not his 'Logan' anymore.

A shocking moment between Katie and Quinn

Katie questioned Quinn if she might be over-reacting to the situation, and defended her decision to buy the house.

Quinn still insisted that she was not going to have her as a next door neighbor. Katie then warned Quinn that she is acting just like her old self, and Quinn suddenly realizes that she is right. She explained that because Katie is so close to the Forrester family, she has reason to suspect that she might be conspiring with them to make a play for Eric. She pointed out that she always felt that someone was out to get her.

Katie reassured Quinn and confirmed that she loves the house for herself and her son. "I'm sorry. I was out of line, and I hope that you get this house." Quinn told her with sincerity. To Katie's surprise, Quinn gave her a big hug.

While Quinn was out, Steffy visited her grandfather. She wanted him to know that everything she did was because she loves him. She admitted that she still has major issues with Quinn, but she and the rest of the family will still come by to see him.

The two shared a loving embrace. Eric then shared the news that Katie might be moving in next door, but reluctantly revealed that Quinn was probably over there, because he realized that she saw Katie's text message to him.

Quinn returns home

Quinn quietly slipped back home to her husband, who was patiently waiting for her. She told him that she and Katie had a good talk, and that Katie gave her some helpful advice. She stated that she gave Katie her blessing to make the purchase. A proud Eric hugged her, and Quinn felt amazing, knowing how much he cares about her.

In the final scene, Katie was elated to find out from her realtor that the house is hers.

In her joyous moment, she remembered Eric's words about finding what she wants and that his wife would appreciate having a friendly face next door.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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