Tuesday on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

With Quinn by his side, Eric began to speak with his family members, who were glad to see that he is doing better. It was still very obvious that they were not happy to know that Quinn was the one who was taking care of him. Steffy asked her grandfather why he wanted to see them. Eric went straight to the point: he complained that they had insulted and disrespected him yet again. He told Pam, Ridge and Steffy that Wyatt is currently living in the family home and that he viewed him as another son, because of his loyalty.

"You manipulated everyone into thinking that it was a good idea to boycott our wedding, and then you come up with this scheme to steal the company, and then you lied to everyone about my power of attorney." he said to Ridge and Steffy. He then questioned if the entire family should be forgiven for their actions, and for not having any respect for his marriage and his authority as the Forrester patriarch. He reiterated that the Forrester fashion show is coming and that Quinn is in charge of everything.

He made it clear to them that he expects everyone to cooperate. As the family was dismissed, Eric told Ridge that he has something further to say to him. "It's time for you to get on board with the way things are now."

Zende gives Nicole anultimatum

"The Bold and the Beautiful"then takes its viewers to Hawaii with Sasha and Zende. That day, Zende awoke without any clear memory about what happened the night before.

Meanwhile, Rick and Maya try to console and advise Nicole about reaching out to Zende. Maya encouraged her sister to call Zende again, since he probably had some time to think about it. Nicole weighed in that Zende did in fact tell her that he loves her, right after she had informed him about her decision to go along with the surrogacy. She hoped that by now, he would be feeling differently about it.

Sasha listened to Zende as he vented his frustration about Nicole's decision. When he received a phone call from Nicole, he let her know that he is in Hawaii with Sasha. He explained that he was hurt and got drunk, but maintained that she shouldn't have made the decision on her own. He tried to bargain with her that he'll come home right away if she changed her mind about the surrogacy. "Listen, Nic, if you do this... all bets are off."

Wyatt shares his point of view with Steffy

In the kitchen, Steffy asked Wyatt if he was supporting Eric and his mother because she ended the marriage. He explained that he had done everything that he could to stop them.

"But they can't be stopped, Steffy, because they love each other." he said. The characters on "The Bold and the Beautiful"have been known to put true love high on their priority list. Wyatt reminded Steffy that he stood by her, by boycotting his mom's wedding because he loves her. He stated point blank to Steffy that she had let him down, by walking away from him when he didn't do anything wrong.

"The Bold and the Beautiful"airs Monday to Friday on CBS, and stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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