Friday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Katie did all that she could to ensure that she would get the house next door to the Forrester mansion. After hearing from her realtor that offers were placed by other buyers, she increased her offer and wrote a letter directly to the sellers.

While RJ was spending time at Spencer Publications, Bill tried his best to impress the skeptic teenager. Liam dropped by and began chatting with RJ. "My dad is different...he's not like anyone you've ever met, but maybe that's why your mom fell for him; and he fell for her too." He suggested to RJ to try to keep an open mind, since Bill might surprise him.

While Bill was listening outside the door of his office, he heard Liam expressing his faith in Brooke and his father's relationship, and that he believes that the pair would be happy together.

At Forrester, Wyatt was excited by the amount of orders received since the fashion show. "You gotta admit, the show was a hit," he told Rick. But Rick was adamant, and he retorted that the company is a success in spite of his mother, and not because of her. Rick then revealed that Katie is planning to move in next door to his father.

Wyatt, who suddenly seemed nervous, said that he can't wait to see how his mom will welcome her to the neighborhood.

Quinn hears about Katie moving in next door

In bed, Eric told his wife that he was next door with Katie, and that he encouraged her to buy the house. Observing his wife, he questioned if that would be a problem. Quinn reluctantly admitted that it could be a huge problem. She explained to him that she didn't think that it was appropriate for Katie to visit him while she was out of the house, on 2 separate occasions.

She aired her suspicions and continued by telling Eric that while she trusts him, she has to wonder about Katie, who came over in a "naughty shade of red lipstick." Eric reiterated that he is fully committed to Quinn and there is no woman who can change that. "And I highly doubt that Katie is in cahoots with Rick and the rest of my family," he said.

Quinn then agreed with her husband to calm down and let the whole thing go.

She promised him that he will not be seeing "old shades of Quinn."

When she went downstairs to get champagne, she discovered a text message on Eric's phone -- it was from Katie. It read: "Next door, putting an offer on the house. Thank you so much, XO Katie." Furious, Quinn rushed out of the house to find her.

Quinn confronts Katie

Quinn arrived at the house where Katie was, practically barging in. "I was just spending some quiet time with my husband at home, and then he told me that you're thinking about buying this house." Katie happily confirmed, but Quinn went on to say that there are thousands of other houses available in Los Angeles, and that she should keep looking.

When Katie insisted that she is buying this one, Quinn told her that she won't let her do it.

Brooke and Ridge reminisce at Stephanie's grave

At Stephanie's grave, old memories came flooding back. Ridge informed Brooke that she'll never have so many memories together with Bill. Ridge reminded her that his mother told her that she will lead the Forrester family forward. "But how can you be in charge of us Forresters when you're married to Bill Spencer?" he asked. He encouraged her not to give up and not to throw away everything they've been fighting for all these years, and that this is what his mother wanted.

Ridge makes a bold move

Brooke told Ridge that Stephanie helped her to realize that she doesn't need anyone -- just herself, and she needs to be strong, "and to do good in this world." Ridge then opened a small box and presented Stephanie's wedding ring. "She's had it for I want you to have it." In the final scene, a surprised Brooke asked him if he was asking her to marry him.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for Monday's recap.

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