Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," a practical Quinn was at Forrester, handling business as usual. Wyatt praised his mother, but Quinn reasoned with him that Eric thinks that she is extraordinary, and worth losing the respect of his family, and because of that, she has to do something right. She then confided in her son about Katie. She questioned if he thinks that it was odd for Katie to watch the fashion show with Eric, but Wyatt disagreed. He reminded her that Eric has a long history with the Logans.

"I don't like having a single woman alone in my house with my husband." she insisted. Despite Wyatt's reassurances that Katie is a newly single woman who is enjoying her freedom, Quinn was doubtful.

Wyatt advised his mother that Eric loves her and the worst mistake that she could make right now is to shut down the people in Eric's life, one by one. "I would be foolish not to be on alert and before you say anything, I am not jealous, I am not insecure. I think I am being smart."

Brooke sets up a date for Bill and RJ

Bill showed up at Brooke's house, asking for closure.

Brooke told him about the fashion show, calling it "tense." "If there's one thing she doesn't lack, it's nerve." she commented about Quinn. She went on to tell him that Ridge had stopped by the night before. Bill questioned the statuses of her relationships with him and Ridge. She apologized again for disappointing him on their wedding day. "You're still the man I wanna marry. I love you--you know that." she told him.

RJ interrupted the pair in the middle of their conversation. As tension filled the room, Bill conceded that he and RJ don't know one another well enough and that he wants to change that. But RJ wasn't budging. Brooke then suggested that her son and her fiance will be spending the day together. "This means so much to me, to have the 2 men that I love so much spend the day together, and learn how to appreciate and respect each other." she said excitedly.

Eric joins Katie and Rick while they are house hunting

While viewing the house that Rick recommended, Eric showed up, upon his son's request, unknown to Katie. "Katie's house hunting and I'm trying to talk her into it," he quipped. When Rick and the realtor left, Eric encouraged her to buy the house. Katie admitted that she loves the house, but she was hesitant. Eric gave her friendly advice that when you find something that you want, you don't need to continue looking, and "whatever is behind door number 2 is irrelevant."

She asked for his honest opinion about her living next door, and he expressed that he would be very happy about it.

He also pointed out that Rick would be very happy to have a Logan living next door to the family home, and that it would be a much needed reconciliation. She then asked Eric about his wife and informed him that she received a call from Quinn last night. "I guess some women aren't too keen with other women spending time with their husbands." She was concerned about having Quinn as an enemy, but Eric assured her that she has changed, and that she just needs a little time to get to know her.

Katie shares her inner feelings with Eric

Katie shared her gratitude with Eric for his support and friendship.

"I feel like this girl who walks around with an embarrassed smile on her face, because I'm the woman who lost her husband to her sister--again." She lamented that she has to put on a happy face and try not to burst into tears every time someone asks her how she is doing. As she celebrated her decision and her new-found confidence, she told him, "I'm free. I can raise my son the way I want to, I can live my life the way I want to. I'm free in every respect that matters."

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap. Take a sneak peak at tomorrow's episode here:

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