Tuesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge and Brooke talked over ice-cream at her home. Ridge was not happy about Quinn's stunt at the fashion show, and Brooke reassured him that he and the company will get through this difficult phase. She urged him not to worry about the situation. "Eric will come around. When he does, we'll just add Quinn's name to the list of people who have tried to take advantage, but failed," she promised.

Katie visited her nephew Rick at Forrester and she congratulated him on the success of the fashion show.

He complained to her that he hated that his father is giving Quinn the credit. Further into their discussion, Katie told him that she is looking for a permanent home for herself and Will, and Rick happily offered to go house hunting with her.

Quinn learns about the other female's presence

Eric prepared a romantic setup in the bedroom to celebrate Quinn's success at the fashion show. To her displeasure when she questioned him, he told her that Katie Logan had watched the event together with him at home.

While opening a bottle if wine, Eric gave Quinn the story about her previous visit to request his help to get her son into a school, and her second visit to thank him for his kind favor. He told her that he invited her to stay to watch the fashion show with him. Observing Quinn's demeanor, Eric wondered if Katie's visit bothers his wife. "I'm just surprised you didn't mention it, that's all." she replied.

She confessed that she was disappointed that he had shared that moment with someone else, instead of her.

To her comfort, Eric reassured her that he is devoted and faithful to her, and that he will always tell her the truth. "Katie didn't come here to criticize you. It seems that you have a Logan on your side." Quinn appeared to feel better, or so Eric thought. The couple then shared a tender moment together.

Quinn calls Katie

Quinn went back downstairs and gave Katie a phone call. Surprised to hear from her, Katie remarked that the fashion show was wonderful. Quinn was gracious and said that she heard that she had watched the show with Eric. Katie confirmed and pointed out how pleased Eric was. "I am really glad that Eric had company to watch the show, but umm, I don't really think it was appropriate," said Quinn. She continued by telling her that next time, she should let her know when she'll be coming by. Shocked about what Quinn was insinuating, Katie fired back by stating that she and Eric have known each other for many years, and that there is no need to be concerned about their friendship.

Still, Quinn wasn't backing down. "It just doesn't look good, you know...you coming by when you know I'm not gonna be here." The conversation ended with fake smiles and politeness when Katie offered her apologies, if she had overstepped her boundaries.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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