Monday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," the crowd cheered as Quinn stood with Ridge on the runway at the fashion show, while Wyatt and Ivy remarked to Steffy how proud Eric must have been while watching from home. The Forrester patriarch was indeed brimming with pride, as he shared his sentiments with Katie. "She didn't let me down, and she never will," he said. However, he wished that Ridge would reach out to Quinn and cooperate with her the way he had asked him to.

Sasha questions Zende

After the fashion show, Sasha revealed to Zende that Maya was upset with her for their trip to Hawaii and what happened between them.

She felt that she needed to talk to Nicole to clear up the misunderstanding, but Zende advised that maybe they should both steer clear of her for a while. Sasha then probed Zende again about her standing with him. "Honestly, Sasha, I can't think about anyone else, or anything right now, but Nicole," he replied.

Quinn celebrates her success

As Quinn celebrated the success of the fashion show, she told Ridge, "You tried to sabotage me. But all is forgiven, everyone loved your design." The buyers then came in and complimented Ridge on his designs and to everyone's surprise, offered compliments to Quinn as well for her jewelry. They gushed on how much they liked the jewelry pass, and that Forrester can expect a very substantial order from them.

Quinn was jubilant and grateful. When they left, Quinn addressed Steffy, Ridge, Wyatt and Ivy, and told them how humbled and honored she is to be able to represent Forrester Creations. In private, Steffy admitted to her father that Quinn saved the show by wearing the show stopper gown.

Arriving home, Quinn was anxious to get her husband's opinion on the fashion show.

She was happy to share how the buyers responded and explained why she ended up modeling in the show stopper gown. Eric told his wife that she was sensational and how proud he was of her. Amidst the joy and excitement, trouble could be lurking in paradise, when in a final scene, before Quinn went upstairs to continue celebrating with Eric, she discovered a lipstick-stained champagne glass on the table.

'The Bold and the Beautiful' airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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