Thursday on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Eric and Katie continued their conversation and he was kind and gracious enough to furnish her with a much needed favor. "You deserve everything good that comes your way. Bill Spencer is an absolute fool for letting you go." he complimented. Eric proudly told her that he is making progress because of Quinn, and that she is an exceptional woman.

Quinn gets ready for the fashion show

Much to Quinn's dismay, Steffy was unwilling to work with her, and was convinced that she hasn't changed. Quinn tried to explain to her that she was actually disrespecting her grandfather by fighting her at every turn.

At today's office meeting, Quinn butted heads with Steffy and Pam when she discussed the jewelry pass and announced that she will be making the introductions at the fashion show.

At the end of the meeting, Pam and Charlie showed up again to speak with Quinn alone. "I've been talking to Stephanie about you. She's not happy," said Pam. She elaborated further that she had been doing so every night. Pam argued that Ridge should be the one to open for the fashion show and not her. Pammie also gave Quinn notice that she will not allow her to continue to do what she is doing. Quinn couldn't care less about her threats, and told Pam that she isn't afraid of her. When Quinn left the room, Charlie and Pam agreed to "take care of Quinn Fuller once and for all." The wheels were turning in Pammie's head, producing a mysterious idea.

Zende begs to have Nicole back

While talking to Zende, Nicole explained that she couldn't go through with the procedure because she didn't want to lose him. "Nicole, do you know what this means?" Zende asked. In response, Nicole told him that she felt horrible for letting Rick and Maya down, and that she was sad for Lizzie.

Zende reassured her that Rick and Maya will figure out another way to have a baby. He then thanked her for making this sacrifice for their future, and he promised that she will not regret it.

Zende wanted to put everything behind them so that they could pick up where they left off. He offered an emotional apology to her, but Nicole lamented that she couldn't forget what she saw on the jet.

"How could you be so weak?" she shouted. No matter how much Zende begged, Nicole told him that it's too late to try to fix things, and she left.

Pam spooks Quinn

In a final scene, Pam spooked Quinn by turning off the light as Quinn was preparing for the fashion show on the runway, and appearing right behind her, making Quinn jump. Pam was already having fun with her prey as she said, "Don't scare ya, huh?"

What's going to happen in tomorrow's episode?

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for tomorrow's recap.

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